Rap On Perspectives Of Race

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I asked some friends and altered their answers into a rap with a little help from them.

Karu (BOY):
Yeah, now I'm 12 years old, but I'm gonna bring it to my school days for a second, you know, yo...

He's probably good at math, he probably aced the class,
He probably never kissed a girl, he probably smells of trash.
They saw him walking past the lockers, all the kids would laugh,
Any given chance, the kids would call him Ching Chongan.
But what if he was actually mad, and he was from Japan,
And what if actually that was me, I'm actually into rap.
My favorite thing is music, I'm bad at math,
But every day I come to class, and all the girls think I'm the coolest.
I have a friend, he's Cuban, my other friend is Jewish,
But giving all these labels to my friends is pretty useless.
We're all connected, every color, creed, race or sex,
The only way I gain perspective: if my judgment's laid to rest.
'Cause all we want is some respect, they put that on my name,
I'm balling every day to be the hottest in the game.
My skin and face will never change, that's just the way I'm made,
I know that every life is beautiful, I'll never be ashamed.

Me (GIRL):
My hair nappy, my skin golden,
My mom black, my dad white, so I don't know where to fit.
They say I'm mixed, but why I gotta be that or be this,
Can't they ask me about my dreams or where I plan to be next.
For real, I hate the fact they say I'm pretty for a black girl,
Always want to touch my hair, when I rock it natural.
And what is black anyway? I thought it was a color,
We come in many shades, unique and different from each other.


We're all beautiful, look up in the mirror, tell yourself that you're a star.
Never let somebody make you feel like you aren't perfect just the way you are.
Yeah, just the way you are.

Yo, I know this is a hard topic. Don't let other people define you. Be true to yourself. Never let 'em make you feel like you're not perfect just the way you are.

Amanda (GIRL):
Ivory complexion, but she didn’t notice,      
At 9 years old, penning prose, man, that little poet
Knew her brothers were her brothers, couldn't really see color,
Until she saw the world, and the scope of it made her shudder.
Privilege handed out like grades on a test,
But only handed to humans with pale flesh?  
Someone's right to achieve shouldn’t be stifled by greed,
Seeing systematic oppression made her fall to her knees.
Well, that girl grew up, and she started to teach,
To break the silence, break the cycle, kept her heart to the streets.
3 years later, still using art in her speak, still preaching peace,
That little poet was me.

Jamarkus (BOY):
And when they ask me where I'm from, I tell them that I'm from planet Earth,
The only place I've been since my mother gave me birth.
Government categorized society, made it worse,
Separated people all over the world taking their turf.
And if you ask me my race, I might run,
Obama ran for president, running is quite fun.
Either African-American, but Africa's not in America,
Or black, which is a color, and I'm not one.
But, but they tell me check one on applications,
Instead of race, you should judge me as a person.
Proud to be black, but play my race card smarter,
Race is a tool they used to divide and conquer.


We're all beautiful, look up in the mirror, tell yourself that you're a star.
Never let somebody make you feel like you aren't perfect just the way you are.
Yeah, just the way you are. Yeah, just the way you are.
Never let 'em make you feel like you're not perfect just the way you are, just the way you are.
Never let 'em make you feel like you're not perfect just the way you are.

Thank you for tuning in but i've got to tune out. BYE!

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answered Mar 23 by Ammy-k (41,910 points)
That is very well written! I can't say it better than Luna did, and I tend to agree with her.
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answered Mar 21 by LunaLight (133,340 points)

That's insanely impressive. I don't write raps, though I do write poetry and occasionally songs. I can see the similarity. You rhyme quite well. If you ever need help with rhyming, try RhymeZone, it's a website to help find rhymes, definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and even mentions of the aforementioned in famous lyrics and poetry, ranging from Bob Dylan to Shakespear, to nursery rhymes. That said, for the bottom line, I can agree with your message in the rap. People should be seen as equal and stop putting labels on them. What happened to someone's personality and actions being the most important thing? People use Martin Luther King Jr. as a symbol of black history and black rights, and he is, but as much as people pay attention to him, you would have thought that people would remember the end of this quote, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Now, you have your opinions, and I have mine about race and such, though the bottom line of equality is still the same. Personally, I don't see what bad is actually happening right now for the races, at least in the US. There are no laws in the US that say anything racist. Most people that I know are actually scared to say anything against a black-skinned person because the first thing out of others' mouths will be "Stop being racist". And if I may, let's look at what that word means, because it's overused in my opinion. Racism is a bad thing, yes, but racism is not saying a sentence against someone. Racism is the lynchings. The sitting on the back of the bus just because your great-grandma was black. That's prejudice. Not words. But I honestly don't believe there should be a month for anything like race or pride month, especially when, how long do the veterans that fought for our country get? I don't judge people by race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any of that. I judge by your actions and your personality. I will never judge any group of people- black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Satanist, gay, straight, bisexual, female, male, non-binary, healthy, rich, poor, homeless, albino, sick with any disease, sick with any disorder or syndrome, or any other label or anything else that people can put a division between others on- if I have not met every single member of that group. You cannot judge a group for the actions of the few. One person isn't a garbage-personalitied, hypocritical narcissist just because they are black and a straight Christian or whatever labels you want to exchange those with, they could be anything. They are like that because that's them, that's their personality. You could walk up to two people with the same labels, and one could be like that, and the other could be the most empathetic and kind person in the world. Labels don't work. 

commented Mar 21 by TomBoyFoxGrl (4,870 points)
Thanks for agreeing I will use that site and I also agree with you Luna.
commented Mar 21 by LunaLight (133,340 points)
You're welcome. I kinda ranted...
commented Mar 21 by LunaLight (133,340 points)

Another addition to my rant tho-

"Hate speech is not just speech that you hate" 

- Tom MacDonald.

(Tom MacDonald = Relatively well-known rapper. His main "thing" is sharing his opinion for what it is, and not caring about what others think. He says a lot of stuff like that.)

commented Mar 26 by actsingdance884
you did great job writing this great job!

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