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Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /questions/wysiwyg-editor-upload does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request ... the capacity limit? Cuz what i was trying to upload was 17 MB...

asked Feb 25 in Ask KidzSearch by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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Hey guys! I never got to know your zodiac signs, but I'm a Gemini. If you guys don't know yours, just search it up on Google! I'm actually surprised the Gemini personalities all fit me.

asked Feb 14 in Jelly's blog by jellyfishlover (29,920 points)
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I was looking at my website's stats and I saw that yesterday (feb. 4) there were like 10 different people on my site and all the days around it had 0, 1, ... each day.... idk what happened but thanks and shoutout to whoever went on my website!

asked Feb 5 in Shout-Outs by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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What would you do if your best friend just stopped talking to you - no explanation whatsoever! Please help idk what to do! :(

asked Jan 24 in Other by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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A. Would you rather... Have no acne at all but be really ugly when you're older or have really bad acne but grow up to be beautiful? B. Would you rather... Scare little children ... your life or eat a h o t d o g every day for the rest of your life?

asked Nov 16, 2019 in Polls by ArtistGirl (28,540 points)
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Is it safe for tweens? Just wondering.

asked Nov 11, 2019 in Technology by anonymous
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My feet are sinking in the warm sand, I look up at the sky, the third sun is about to set, we have to find shelter fast. I look down at my brother, his small hand ... dead mother, I sang for myself, but most of all I sang to the horrid world we live

asked Nov 5, 2019 in Novel Writing Club by Jabber (24,520 points)
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I wanna know i might be able to help

asked Aug 30, 2019 in Preteen /Tween Club by anonymous
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FEATURED IN THE KIDZSEARCH MAGAZINE Change log - click HERE for full update history July 17 2019: Origional version created October 29 2019: Added a paragraph about the ... design Febuary 25 2020: added a change log Febuary 27 2020: new design!

asked Jul 17, 2019 in KidzSearch Contests by Kitten (568,010 points)
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I need help!

asked Apr 12, 2019 in Other by NATHAN (63,460 points)
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if you go on your post office website they have FREE boxes that come in the mail.

asked Feb 6, 2019 in Kids Deals / Freebies by lypi123 (7,420 points)
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Think about it... If I've only been here for 2 weeks and I will have 50,000 in 3 more days (my goal), then in 4 weeks I'll have 100,000. I'll be so proud.

asked Oct 30, 2018 in Shower Thoughts by toad aka star (345,730 points)
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I been here for one week, and I'm ranking 18.

asked Oct 22, 2018 in Shower Thoughts by toad aka star (345,730 points)
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someone voted me 5 times on every ? i have asked whoever did this thank you i would like to know who did that please

asked Oct 7, 2018 in Personal by LunaLight (90,000 points)
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asked Sep 11, 2018 in Other by Anon
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IS WATER WET? CAN YOU SEE CAMOUFLAGE? IS A STICK A TREE? These were debates my friends and I had.

asked Jun 1, 2018 in Debate by Thought Bubble
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My favorite book is A Wrinkle In Time.

asked May 20, 2018 in Polls by DiscoveryEmma (990 points)
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Ask Siri what 0 dived by 0 is

asked Jan 15, 2018 in Math by NATHAN (63,460 points)
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For real, where are they?

asked Nov 16, 2017 in Other by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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That's mine TOBOT (I am a girl, but I really love this "for boys" film)

asked Sep 30, 2017 in Film / TV by Jenny (21,250 points)
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Hi, guys! In my place, trending went fast, but it's very popular when it's trending. Slime, squishy, fidget spinner, it's all in the past right now in my place. What' ... ? I have a friend that's like to make a trending in my school. How about you?

asked Sep 16, 2017 in Other Reviews by Jenny (21,250 points)
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help my neighbors just had to put down there cat that they had for 18 years I found out on vacation and when I go back I wont know what to say I feel so akward but I want to help and I feel so sorry for them what should I say or do to help them

asked Aug 21, 2017 in Pets / Animals by emojicongirl
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What is your favorite fiction book? Or just any book.

asked Jun 30, 2017 in Fiction by Friendsrule (51,290 points)
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I can't even understand Spanish! Do you know why?

asked Jun 29, 2017 in Music Entertainment by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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I saw a question from a long time ago about that!

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Ask KidzSearch by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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Mine is Louisiana Hot Sauce!

asked Jun 23, 2017 in Product Reviews by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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So today, a boy in my class bought this white powder that considered to be very, very, very sour. A bunch of people took a pinch. Some said, "Blech!" and others loved ... . What do I do? Please help! (And no, I thankfully do not eat the powder)

asked May 26, 2017 in Other by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Would you rather eat mold or drink someones sweat. I really cant decide both are super gross.

asked Apr 28, 2017 in Personal by Dolphins are so cute
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asked Apr 24, 2017 in Other by random guy random universe random life
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Hey everyone! I have just emailed KidzSearch and will be telling y'all my gmail as soon as my mum gives KidzSearch approval. You can provide your gmail to KidzSearch thru their contact form and they can tell it to me? IDK? Love y'all, GEMMY

asked Apr 17, 2017 in Personal by -GEMHeart- (279,280 points)
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If you are also wondering what happened to her, comment below what you think happened to her. I think her parents said she couldn't get on KidzTalk anymore or she is REALLY busy with homework.

asked Apr 6, 2017 in Other by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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I would answer patriots. Which is your favorite ?

asked Mar 4, 2017 in Books / General by Tombradyfan
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Type your favorite color ( you can say multiple)

asked Mar 2, 2017 in Other by Eto35
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My birthstone is the Sapphire My birth sign is Virgo (The Maiden) What's yours???? If you need help finding your birthstone/sign look here to figure it out: Birthstone Chart Birth Signs Chart Thanks for sharing! :):)

asked Feb 22, 2017 in Philosophy / Religion by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Mine are... When you ask a teacher a question, you expect a simple answer, right? But when the teacher answers, the explanation's, like,5 minutes long I mean ... this site, please work on improving these areas. Comment on what classes can improve on.

asked Feb 14, 2017 in Math by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Shelby: I need some inspiration for my fashion designs in sewing class. Cyd: I have an idea! Shelby: What? Cyd: Look at Diesel! (laugh track) Shelby: You ... to Victorian Times. Fashion then was extremely elegant. Shelby: Thank you. (high-fives Cyd)

asked Jan 28, 2017 in Fiction by L (75,760 points)
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Shelby: Barry was right. Everybody looks very elegant. Cyd: Like Naldo on prom. (laugh track) Shelby: Let's go investigate Victorian fashion. Cyd: Are we going shopping? ... to look in store windows. Cyd: (disappointed) Okay........ (laugh track)

asked Jan 28, 2017 in Fiction by L (75,760 points)
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I'm glad to find out that you're ok and I got a notification from Edmodo on email. I have been meaning to ask u for the code because I got logged out.

asked Jan 12, 2017 in Today I Learned... by rae (86,620 points)
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Which one sound more correct? These pies are made by I, 2CutePandiLou, or these pies are made by me, 2CutePandiLou? And could you please tell me why? Thanks!

asked Jan 2, 2017 in All Advisors by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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My least favorite subject is Social Studies.

asked Dec 23, 2016 in Other by teamkatniss (2,580 points)
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Also say why you like that holiday. thanks

asked Dec 18, 2016 in Other by anonymous
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Your favorite season A Winter B Summer C Spring D Fall

asked Dec 17, 2016 in Other by Komets79
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mine is Taurus my symbol is the bull. Oh and guys my dad is Virgo and his symbol is Virgin lol

asked Dec 7, 2016 in Personal by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,900 points)
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Just for fun, I wanted to ask this question! I am a ♊Gemini♊ (that's why you see ♊ beside my name, because that's the Gemini Zodiac Sign)...

asked Dec 6, 2016 in Personal by -GEMHeart- (279,280 points)
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I've looked this up and can't find any info on it. What Christian saint was beheaded multiple times? I know it's a weird question for anyone who is not Christian, but I was hoping someone could get me the info by tomorrow. Thanks!

asked Dec 3, 2016 in Other by Dancer727 (23,030 points)
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Mine is when people use your instead of you're, like for example when they write "Your feeling happy today" instead of "You're feeling happy today". It annoys me so much!!!!

asked Nov 17, 2016 in Personal by Dancer727 (23,030 points)

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