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Today i have talked about... My birthday My age My sleep problems My Fur Elise problems and now My Random PostsPosts SO RANDOM FUN FACT ABOUT ME! my due date was ... this much content in this ONE Post OOONNNEEE NAH Nah what? Idk Ok gudnyt Gudnyt!

asked Feb 26 in Random Posts by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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asked Feb 13 in Random Posts by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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Why did you hide this post: I have had enough! [poll hidden 2 hours ago by kidzsearch

asked Feb 12 in Ask KidzSearch by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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KidzSearch, I need help! When I typed in my password, it said, "User not found." Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Jan 31 in Ask KidzSearch by WelshTerriersss
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So thoughts on recent Disney movies.

asked Jan 17 in Videos by Hermionepuppy (2,450 points)
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Is it safe for tweens? Just wondering.

asked Nov 11, 2019 in Technology by anonymous
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My feet are sinking in the warm sand, I look up at the sky, the third sun is about to set, we have to find shelter fast. I look down at my brother, his small hand ... dead mother, I sang for myself, but most of all I sang to the horrid world we live

asked Nov 5, 2019 in Novel Writing Club by Jabber (24,520 points)
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asked Sep 23, 2019 in GH's Artist Column by Kitten (568,680 points)
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In the finals, America won, I was cheering for the Netherlands.

asked Jul 7, 2019 in Sports by cakelover (3,190 points)
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I turn polar bears white And I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee And girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid And normal people look like celebrities. I ... I'll pop. If you look at me, you'll pop. Can you answer this riddle?

asked Jul 6, 2019 in Guessing Games by NATHAN (63,460 points)
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I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

asked Mar 31, 2019 in Challenge / Quizzes by NATHAN (63,460 points)
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Chapter 1: A grimm start Hi i’m Joseph Grim but people call me Jo or Joey you can call me joey i stand at 6 foot tall. I have a great great great ok lots ... !” yelled Elinor “ I will pick Elinor why don't you go first.” I say

asked Nov 6, 2018 in Personal by superboy (1,460 points)
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A deme texes Hi i'm himmel åska the son of thor and Januari aska. My name means sky thunder when I was 10 I saw my dad thor die from a snake bite. I have ... "ok" said himmel but it was to late the readers get inside. "get out" yelled himmel

asked Oct 18, 2018 in Other by superboy (1,460 points)
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You need shampoo (clear) and then you put white sugar and leave it in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours and then its ready

asked Oct 12, 2018 in How-To by slealrui (1,000 points)
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Roblox : Minecraft : Use the emojis to place your vote

asked Jan 30, 2018 in Debate by TheRealTimmy (430 points)
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Ask Siri what 0 dived by 0 is

asked Jan 15, 2018 in Math by NATHAN (63,460 points)
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Hi. i found out about KidzSearch yesterday, and it sounds awesome. But I do not know how to use it at all! I would like some tips, please! Thx! ;)

asked Nov 20, 2017 in How-To by anonymous
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Hi, guys! In my place, trending went fast, but it's very popular when it's trending. Slime, squishy, fidget spinner, it's all in the past right now in my place. What' ... ? I have a friend that's like to make a trending in my school. How about you?

asked Sep 16, 2017 in Other Reviews by Jenny (21,250 points)
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I saw the total eclipse it was so cool like a magical wormhole in the sky I went down to my cousins house to see the total one in Columbia when my neighbors stayed back at north Carolina but it was still so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Aug 22, 2017 in Other by emojicongirl
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help my neighbors just had to put down there cat that they had for 18 years I found out on vacation and when I go back I wont know what to say I feel so akward but I want to help and I feel so sorry for them what should I say or do to help them

asked Aug 21, 2017 in Pets / Animals by emojicongirl
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In Disney's animated Beauty and the Beast, Cogsworth says: "If it's not Baroque, don't fix it." Though it is a wise quote, it is hard to tell why he ... With A Pearl Earring and it is by Baroque Vermeer. Girl With A Pearl Earring By Baroque Vermeer

asked Jul 8, 2017 in Other by L (75,760 points)
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you're too short. you're too lazy. you're too bad at everything your hair is too frizzy your eyebrows are too bushy your face is too splotchy your mind makes no ... THOUGHTS. WE ALL HAVE THOSE MOMENTS... we all have those moments when we feel lost.

asked May 24, 2017 in Personal by rae (86,620 points)
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I am starting a new thing where i find new and interesting topics to talk and debate about, since i am currently STILL having edmodo struggles and cannot post my motivational ... , Speaking Of... TOPIC #___. THANKS, AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! :D

asked May 23, 2017 in Debate by rae (86,620 points)
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asked May 23, 2017 in Today I Learned... by rae (86,620 points)
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Anybody who wants to join just join!

asked Apr 22, 2017 in World History Club by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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The favorite star. First one to answer gets it.

asked Apr 20, 2017 in Other by Dolphins are so cute
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If you like world history, please join this club! Post your interesting history facts every week! I will do the first post tomorrow! So,we will do it every Monday.

asked Apr 15, 2017 in World History Club by TylerTheDrummer (74,840 points)
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I do.

asked Jan 10, 2017 in Film / TV by L (75,760 points)
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They did not announce finales for those but they did not make new episodes for them.

asked Jan 10, 2017 in Film / TV by L (75,760 points)
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The next morning was a sad day because we needed to go to my Miriam's funeral. The next couple of hours was hard on me, because Miriam was my only sibling, now ... Miriam. When we got home I ran to my room not even thinking about eating lunch.

asked Dec 20, 2016 in Fiction by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,900 points)
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well I ride and you work on the horse you have to do without stirrups and trot and posting sometimes without stirrups and its hard

asked Dec 11, 2016 in Sports by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,900 points)
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I know about the stock market crash. To prove that to you, I will tell you a fact about it right now: during the stock market crash, people lost their jobs. But ... If the answer is yes, then the world is doing well and needs little to no support.

asked Dec 4, 2016 in Business / Law by L (75,760 points)
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Who evers flagging us STOP IT yes your opeinen is hillary so respect are bx belifes so lets say that im buda you flagg me because of that it literly wrong stop ... you only need to flag if someone says or dose something wrong. Im (Romen Catholic)

asked Nov 11, 2016 in Other by Penguins12
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The car ride took FOREVER! It was unbelievable. I though we were moving into a bigger house, not a bigger state! "Mom, when are we going to get ... !! Chapter Four:

asked Oct 29, 2016 in Fiction by SnoWolfPretzelz (2,560 points)
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There was a murder at a house. Can you figure out who is the culprit? Here is the riddle: The murder was at a house that had no corners. It was absolutely circular ... that she claims it to be blood. Who is the culprit?Please put your answers below.

asked Oct 23, 2016 in Challenge / Quizzes by ilovedogs#Cindyisstrongagain!
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What do you think?

asked Aug 31, 2016 in Sports by Dancer727 (23,030 points)
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Ever After High has Season 5 in Netflix and i watched the whole thing last night. not givung any spoilers but 1. i loved when they traveled fo their own fairytales in the castle. thats it. :)

asked Aug 12, 2016 in Today I Learned... by rae (86,620 points)
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Now it's 38 medals! Keep it up USA!

asked Aug 12, 2016 in Sports by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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I would call it the rocking rollers of awesomeness

asked May 19, 2016 in Other by Fun Heart
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I think there should be a poetry contest!

asked Apr 10, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (116,620 points)
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Kidzsearch- Can you have something that shows whether people are online or offline?

asked Apr 10, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (116,620 points)
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Search: Selachimorphas I couldn't find one single thing about human/shark symbiosis. Nothing. "Hmm..maybe what happened to me was just some sort of freak ... ://

asked Apr 2, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,620 points)
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i think it was like indian or something

asked Feb 16, 2016 in General Entertainment by rae (86,620 points)
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asked Nov 4, 2015 in English by Lightbulb
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i play basketball, and of course have to wear shorts. I am embarrassed about my legs though. What should I do? I shave and all but I just am embarrassed . I love basketball so I am not going to quit, but I really do need help.

asked Oct 20, 2015 in Health & Fitness by Lightbulb
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