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What is Safe Search and How to Use it.

Safe Search

Safe Search is a Google based program (they call it SafeSearch™) intended to filter out adult material when children are using the internet. It does this by disallowing pages of sites that contain certain unacceptable words as well as by blocking certain websites completely. They also have a very advanced method of looking at images and video to determine if they contain adult content.

SafeSearch works with search engines that have been designed for it, such as, although other engines, including itself support it . However, when KidzSearch is selected as the search engine, SafeSearch is automatically turned on to the highest level of filtering and will always be activated while KidzSearch is being used.

While many people just use and set filtering to Strict, you need to be aware that even Google’s most strict setting is made for a general audience and not focused on children. As a way of dealing with this, KidzSearch provides several additional layers of filtering to make it suitable for kids.  In today’s world, new words and sometimes even innocent words can suddenly have pornographic meanings. KidzSearch has the ability to quickly become aware of these words, including their spelling variations, in their 10,000+ proprietary keyword database. This is one of the main reason 1000’s of schools trust and use KidzSearch on a daily basis, making it the most popular online safe search website.

This is accomplished through continuous field reports by teachers, parents and a proprietary algorithm evaluating what is being viewed and searched. Any search terms found to be leading to adult material are of course put into the database and used for filtering purposes.

SafeSearch is an important tool designed to keep pornography away from students when they research a project or fulfill an assignment on the internet.  You should choose a SafeSearch children’s search engine that provides the best academic results with the highest level of safety. We feel fits this criteria exactly.