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Could We Create A Livable Atmosphere On The Moon?

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Channel: Seeker
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Until recently, scientists thought the moon had no atmosphere, but it actually does! What's it made of and can it be made to support life?

How the Lunar Module Launched from the Moon Without a Flame-
Why Does Earth Only Have One Moon? -
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Is There an Atmosphere on the Moon?
"What is the moon's atmosphere made of? We have some clues. The Apollo 17 mission deployed an instrument called the Lunar Atmospheric Composition Experiment (LACE) on the moon's surface. It detected small amounts of a number of atoms and molecules including helium, argon, and possibly neon, ammonia, methane and carbon dioxide."

Mars Lost Atmosphere to Space as Life Took Hold on Earth
"Observations by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity and other spacecraft have shown that the Red Planet was relatively warm billions of years ago, with extensive lake-and-stream systems and perhaps even a large ocean that covered much of the Martian surface."

How Do We Terraform The Moon?
"Ever since the beginning of the Space Age, scientists and futurists have explored the idea of transforming other worlds to meet human needs. Known as terraforming, this process calls for the use of environmental engineering techniques to alter a planet or moon's temperature, atmosphere, topography or ecology (or all of the above) in order to make it more 'Earth-like.'"

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