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My Track Season Was Ruined

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Ant had been doing track since 7th grade - middle school years - but he didn't become completely in love with the sport until his sophomore year of high school. He would participate in both winter and spring track seasons, and he especially loved distance runs.

After his sophomore year sports awards, his coach told him to stay in shape over the summer and to continue practicing. Because Ant took track very seriously, he listened to his coach's advise and ran every-other-day. Because his main focus was track, he decided to amp up his training and start running every single day during his break.

When he went back to school and started his winter track season, he noticed that his foot started to hurt. After a long run, he began limping, so he decided to take a few days off and get some rest. However, he didn't think his injury was anything to be concerned about.

After his foot started to feel better, Ant was all ready for his team's county meet. He geared up to run the 1600 race, and as soon as the race began, he ran as fast as he could to try to beat his times. Although he didn't win the race, he was happy to learn that he still accomplished a personal record and got his fastest time. However, it turned out that his accomplishment came at a price - after the race, he could barely walk, and his foot was in so much pain.

After going to the doctor, Ant learned that he had broken a major bone in his foot - a metatarsal. Because of this, Ant had to sit out for the rest of the season.

When he went back for another check up - before the next season was about to start - he was discouraged to learn that his foot wasn't improving. As a result, he was slower than the rest of his teammates. He was even replaced by a freshman on his relay team, and he had to watch from the sidelines as his team beat a big school record.

Although his injury was a very difficult experience for him, Ant has learned a valuable lesson - if you push yourself too hard when you're training for a sport or physical activity, you may end up doing more harm than good. He has now learned the importance of rest days, and he knows the dangers of not listening to his body's warning signs. He never wants to look back and have to say again, "My injury ruined my track season."

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