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Roll Clouds

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Channel: Wonder World
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Mother Nature produces a lot of stunning & beautiful cloud formations, but 3 of the most fascinating, would have to be billow clouds, wave clouds, and roll clouds.

Billow Clouds = Kelvin Helmholtz Cloud
Wave Clouds = Undulatus Asperatus
Roll Clouds = Arcus Clouds

But the cloud formation I find most fascinating, are Roll Clouds.

Roll clouds are a tubular cloud formation stretching for miles, the cloud formation is natural, but incredibly rare, they are they typically found along coastal regions, resulting from a sea breeze or cold front.

The longest known roll cloud, is called the morning glory, located in Australia.

The Morning Glory cloud is a roll cloud that can be up to 1,000 kilometres or 620 miles long, and can be observed from Burketown, in the remote Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia, from late September to early November.

Thanks for watching.

NOTE: The Roll Cloud on the thumbnail and in the video was filmed at Lake Michigan June 11, 2016



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