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Valet Parking Robot

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Meet Stan the Outdoor Automated Robotic Valet Parking System, made by French company Stanley Robotics.

The system works like this.

Customers park their cars in special hangars, where the vehicles are scanned to confirm their make and model. You then scan your phone into the system with flight information of return arrival time.

Then, one of the Robots, which are essentially self-driving forklifts, drives in, slides a platform underneath the vehicle, lifts it up by the wheels, and carries it away and parks it.

Based off your return date & time you scanned in, the robot then digs your car out of the parking lot and puts it back in the hanger, ready & waiting for your arrival.

The robot uses the same technology as self-driving cars, and is able to scan its environment and react to anything that would be its the way. The robots can take and move any car, lifting them by the wheels and block-parking them efficiently.

The robot uses space much more efficiently than humans, fitting 50 percent more cars into the same area. This means you could replace 6000 traditional human car parking spots, with 8500 spots maintained by robot valets.

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