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What Lives In The Deepest Place On Earth?

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Channel: Seeker
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Only 3 humans have ever been to the deepest known place on Earth named the Mariana Trench. What else exists nearly 11,000 meters below sea level?

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There Are Oceans In Our Solar System That Could Contain Life -
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Explore Mariana Trench with Live Video Feed
"Now, NOAA is providing you with a chance to see some of the same amazing sights that the scientists view. From now until July 10, as the Okeanos Explorer probes some largely unexplored areas in and around the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument and the Northern Marianas Islands in the Pacific, you'll be able to watch a live video feed."

The Mariana Trench
"While thousands of climbers have successfully scaled Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, only two people have descended to the planet's deepest point, the Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench."

Then and Now: The HMS Challenger Expedition and the "Mountains in the Sea" Expedition
"Scientific ocean exploration began in the 19th century, using wooden sailing ships. At that time, explorers had none of the technological sophistication and tools available today. A comparison of modern-day exploration with the late 19-century journey of the HMS Challenger illustrates the progress that science has made in ocean exploration."

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Written By: Trace Dominguez

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