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Zombie Cells Are Hiding in Your Body, Could Killing Them Stop Aging?

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Biology   |   Health   |   Science  
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After killing senescent “zombie” cells in mice, researchers were able to extend the mice’s lives by 25%. But what are these hidden cells?

Is Young Blood The Secret To Eternal Youth? -

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To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells
“That gave van Deursen and his colleagues at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, an idea: could killing off these 'zombie' cells in the mice delay their premature descent into old age? The answer was yes.”

Scientists Make Old Cells Behave Like They Are Young Again
“Researchers in England believe they’ve found a genetic switch that potentially resets the biological clock in old cells, causing them to look and behave just like spry younger cells. The discovery, published in the journal BMC Cell Biology, focused on a class of genes called splicing factors that play a critical role in translating genetic information into proteins within a cell.”

Life-Extending Discovery Renews Debate Over Aging as a ‘Disease’
“Sinclair is part of a growing movement of ‘geroscientists’ who believe that aging is not inevitable. What we once thought of as a natural process is in fact a degenerative condition — a condition that cannot be cured, but can in fact be slowed.”


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