Moon song

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asked Mar 26 in Announcements by Pokemon emerald
Why does the moon sing to me.

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answered Mar 26 by Kitten (567,400 points)
Um... Why?

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I pictured a rainbow You held it in your hands I had flashes But you saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years While you just stayed in your ... LyricFind Songwriters: Michael Scott The Whole Of The Moon lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc

asked Jan 23 in Music Entertainment by lunalovegoodmolly (247,580 points)
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Do you just ask? Or is it invitation only? Thx!

asked 2 days ago in Announcements by Ammy-k (28,450 points)
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Kitten's Wiki Table Of Contents Citations Wiki Contents About Facts Overview Kitten Is an extremely active kidztalk user that first posted on kidztalk in May 2019. ... forum with 1000 + registered users. Citations: My profile pages, alexa rank.

asked Feb 14 in Announcements by Kitten (567,400 points)
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I am going to post love quotes for the Mag leading up to Valentine's day

asked Feb 8 in Announcements by lunalovegoodmolly (247,580 points)
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asked 5 days ago in Videos by SuperCat
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1 answer 12 views The Sequel! I hope you guys enjoy it! Now, Waluigi can attack in 2 different directions. I'm thinking Waluigi's Apartment 3 will have Wario as Player 2! Anyways enjoy!

asked Mar 23 in Games / Toys by SnickerDoodles
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so my mom works with NASA, she says the moon isn't real... and that it is a dying star. what do you guys have to say about that? she told me, but I wanted other opinions

asked Feb 27 in Today I Learned... by harry potter cool (370 points)
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I want to know!!! plz tell me!!! if you don't know look it up!!! And you will know something new!!!

asked Dec 29, 2018 in Other by unicornlover01 (1,320 points)
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Some of the oldest dinosaurs who ever lived can be found in Ischigualasto National Park in northwest Argentina, a.k.a Valley of the Moon. It is a deposit of ... an agile carnivorous dinosaur with a long tail, sharp claws, and numerous small teeth.

asked Feb 19, 2017 in Dinosaur Club by L (75,740 points)
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Boy, would it be gone in seconds.....:):D

asked Feb 17, 2017 in Today I Learned... by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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Yes or no question

asked Nov 14, 2016 in Other by Broncos19
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I heard the moon's going to be 30% brighter than it's regular phase of the full Moon this year. Also, I heard it's going to be the brightest since 1948!

asked Nov 14, 2016 in Today I Learned... by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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No info.

asked Aug 23, 2016 in Science by 123redmani
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asked May 17, 2016 in Other by anonymous
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i need questions so i can get your answers on the moon!

asked Apr 21, 2016 in Science by anonymous
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On Christmas day, the first full moon happened that was never on Christmas day after 38 years.Isn't that cool and interesting! I just learned it from my teacher on Monday.

asked Jan 7, 2016 in Today I Learned... by Lou Lou
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I was with my sister watching our neighbor braking his car so he can get car pieces , but then I looked up in the sky and saw the moon . It was not even ... even my father .My father said it was just a reflection . Is it supernatural or natural

asked Nov 22, 2015 in Science by rasta719 (8,070 points)
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So, I found this song by Ilymations on Youtube, it's called Beautiful? and it's a lil sad but if you're going through depression, self-harm, or if you have self- ... times you get hit, it's about how many hits you can take, and keep moving forward.

asked Feb 14 in Personal by jellyfishlover (29,910 points)
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asked Feb 14 in Islamic Knowledge club by anonymous
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"I Don't Wanna Be Sad" by Simple Plan

asked Feb 13 in Music / Fine Arts by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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This song is called You Will Be Found, from the musical Dear Evan Hanson. Have you ever felt like nobody was there Have you felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere Have ... found When you need someone to carry you You will be found You will be found

asked Feb 12 in Coffee Cake’s Corner by Coffee Cake (74,830 points)

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