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asked Feb 20 in Other by Emily
Why meeee I am literally sitting in laundry room crying right now. I have just been diagnosed with cancer and it has no cu I.   3re  (like all cancers).So now I have





And 5. Cancer

So I'm pretty much set up to die now why god why do you hate me sky daddy please satan help me ah nvm I'm might commit suicide help me make the right decisions please

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answered Feb 20 by AnimalCrossingFan
Listen, your not going to die! Fight that cancer! You can do it!
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answered Feb 20 by yourpannndddaaaaa

killing your self is not worth it  dont give up this is a chalege that god gave you to concor it and be strong so dont give up he just wants to see you concor and i do toteeth_smileyoucan do itteeth_smile

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answered Feb 20 by Anonymous (2,780 points)

asthma*  eczema* 

Please don't kill yourself. It won't accomplish anything, it will not help you, it will not help those around you, and if there is such thing as the afterlife, your emotions will not disappear, they will worsen. Also, considering you say you have anxiety and depression, don't rely on medications to cure mental disorders. Asthma, eczema, cancer, okay yeah, those you would need medication. But for mental disorders, medication will not cure you. They can control symptoms, or they could worsen them and make you feel synthetic, but they cannot cure you. Medication for mental disorders is like a crutch. And people who have mental disorders, in this metaphor, are like people who have a leg injury of some sort. They could either walk with a crutch that they rely on for the rest of their life because they don't know how to walk without it, or they could heal without a crutch, maybe with therapy. Medications for mental disorders are not cures, so don't depend on them, you can choose to walk, you can choose to tell any demeaning parts of yourself that you are worth it and you can believe it too, and you can choose to become stronger than you are, just don't be mean to yourself by thinking of killing yourself. Look at depression this way for a sec, imagine there are two of you. Would you go up to the other one and murder them? You wouldn't. So don't do it to yourself. Love yourself. You're perfect the way you are, even with all the other stuff. And for your own sake with anxiety, don't worry too much. Take everything one moment at a time, and breathe slowly. Look around you, stop and smell the roses. 

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Yeeesss girl go offff
commented Feb 21 by Anonymous (2,780 points)

Mhm. Also, to the maker of this post, I have a poem I want you to read. It's a poem on a website called Power Poetry. The poem is "A Guide for the Lost and Lonely".

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answered Feb 20 by Greenie

F. E. A. R. 

Forget everything and run 

Or Fight everything and rise.


You choose.

We are here for you. You are loved. You are valued. You are safe. You are beautiful. You are amazing. 

Suicide is never an option. Life will get better, never surrender. I don’t know you but you mean so so much to me!

I hope this helped. Never stop trying. ❤️



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We had to remove your video since your channel has your name in it.
commented Feb 20 by Greenie
Oh I’m sorry. That’s not my real name :)
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answered Feb 20 by magicharrypottergal (11,940 points)
Dont kill urself please!

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