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Once long ago, there was 5 Elementals, one for each element, a Light Elemental, A Dark Elemental, Water Elemental, Fire, and Earth/Wind Elemental. Dark was in charge of the ... sounds a lot like MLP with Luna and Celestia, but trust me, it's not.

asked Mar 25, 2019 in Fiction by Cutter Girl
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At Warriors Middle School, 5 very different girls all had the same weird birthmark in the shape of a cresent. Soon they will form a pack and find out what those ... her cresents are in her eyes I am looking for story names. PLEASE COMMENT THEM!

asked Oct 11, 2018 in Books by LunaLight (88,950 points)
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once long ago before the dinosuars there were wolves. they were magestic and ruled earth with peace, harmony and dicipline. there rein was great. until a great storm came and ... this is what my book will be about comment below if you want to read it

asked Oct 1, 2018 in Books by LunaLight (88,950 points)
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