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There was a man walking in the desert. It was an especially hot day that day. In the distance, the man suddenly saw a restaurant. He rejoiced and ran to the restaurant and immediately ... you . Why did the man say thank you ? (don't cheat!!!!!!)

asked Apr 8, 2019 in Challenge / Quizzes by NATHAN (63,400 points)
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I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

asked Mar 31, 2019 in Challenge / Quizzes by NATHAN (63,400 points)
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Okay, so I was sleeping over at my friends house Friday night. Before we picked out what movie we were gonna watch, we started flipping through a book she was reading, called ... Also, I think that's a pretty cool quote (but kind of depressing......)

asked Mar 16, 2019 in Debate by Ammy K.
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What has a face two hands but no arms or legs?

asked Feb 7, 2019 in Other by lypi123 (7,420 points)
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1.I've got no strings 2.Let it go 3.Wheres the honey 4.A hakuna matata 5.Just keep swimming From? Once this gets 8 answers I will post answers. Good luck!

asked Jan 27, 2019 in Other by lypi123 (7,420 points)
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Someone once left behind a message to the police department containing several numbers. Y7635578679543256 A year later, a man is slaughtered, leaving behind another message. ... , but with green eyes and black hair. What happened to Jeffery Bailey?

asked Nov 27, 2018 in Challenge / Quizzes by S
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i will be writing another song for astell. who do you want to sing? luna and shadow shadow and astell celestia and astell shadow, luna, and astell celestia and astell celestia, luna celestia, luna,astell

asked Oct 25, 2018 in Homework Help by LunaLight (90,240 points)
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What is 246? Without calculator, okay?!

asked Sep 27, 2017 in Other Contests by Ben
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not that i am trying to be pushy but i got some good advice here also come on with the wierd questions i got an older sister i'm FINE​Seriously peeps

asked Jul 6, 2017 in Other by alexa
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The more your ideas grow, The more I shrink!

asked Jun 22, 2017 in Jokes & Riddles by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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Although relatively easy, the Internet has a hard time solving this brain teaser:

asked Jun 17, 2017 in Challenge / Quizzes by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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This was a hard one for me, Flying free above the clouds,feeling the wind brush past you, OR, Being able to sneak up on people ( beware younger siblings!) and become a cool spy!

asked May 31, 2017 in Polls by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to.... Vivi's Blog!!! Today i have a contest for you.i have 7 ridddles.Whoever answers all/most will get best answer! But everyone ... asks questions but is often answered? 7.What invention lets you look right through a wall?

asked May 24, 2017 in Other by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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asked May 19, 2017 in Girl Meets World by L (75,740 points)
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i have no friends i'm as lonely as i can be but this site has lots of friends that i can meet so can you be my friend? i'd love that, you see cause i'm lonely as ... have none. but this site has lots of people on it, don't it? please be my friend :)

asked Feb 27, 2017 in Other by see further for more suggestions........
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One sunny afternoon, three men go for a ride on a hot air balloon over the Sahara desert. An hour into the trip, the balloon begins to lose altitude. A month ... on the desert sand dead, naked, and holding half a toothpick. What happened to him?

asked Jan 9, 2017 in Jokes & Riddles by Cindy7872 AJ (28,650 points)
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A bear looks around. Every direction he looks is south. What color is the bear? Good Luck!

asked Nov 26, 2016 in Challenge / Quizzes by BrainNerd
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A car passed a hotel. The Owner of the car wasn't in the car. Suddenly the Owner of the car yelled IM BANKRUPT!!! Nobody was in his car. How did the owner get bankrupt? Good Luck this is a tough one ;)

asked Nov 7, 2016 in Jokes & Riddles by ShadowShy (2,010 points)
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There was a murder at a house. Can you figure out who is the culprit? Here is the riddle: The murder was at a house that had no corners. It was absolutely circular ... that she claims it to be blood. Who is the culprit?Please put your answers below.

asked Oct 23, 2016 in Challenge / Quizzes by ilovedogs#Cindyisstrongagain!
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I have four fingers and a thumb, but i am not living. What am I? I have keys but no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but cannot go outside. What am I? I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me. What am I?

asked Oct 7, 2016 in Challenge / Quizzes by #Cindystrong-Sky (14,490 points)
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has any one notice how difficult its to learn like basket ball I learned volley ball an soccer and even dance but basket ball is harder an im afraid its gonna hit my in the face when I through it at the net

asked Aug 24, 2016 in Health & Fitness by ~ececgem~ (4,520 points)
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Hey there girls. Are you in love. If you are can you tell me what it feels like. I am asking you this question because I think that I'm in love. Need answer as quick as possible. THANKS TO ALL THE GIRLS OUT THERE THAT ANSWER MY FIRST QUESTION

asked Jun 25, 2016 in Personal by Teddy bear
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asked Mar 30, 2016 in Business / Law by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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My special teachers(art and music) are super nice! I always follow the rules and respect them. But most of my class is rude and disrespectful to them. ... case of the chatterring. I feel really uncomfortable in this situation.please help me!

asked Feb 19, 2016 in Education by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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You you save your mom or your father. You a only choose one.

asked Feb 5, 2016 in Other by Beauty cupcakes
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Easy Section 1) You see a dog about to get run over by a car. What do you do? A or B A) Run over to get the dog but break you leg while doing ... your parents and they go downstairs and call 911. Reasonable answers get a special post and best answer!

asked Nov 11, 2015 in Challenge / Quizzes by jazzlinny (37,980 points)
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If there were two emergency rooms, in one was, to convert, your closest comrade, while in the other was your parent. Who would you save from death?

asked Aug 14, 2015 in Challenge / Quizzes by Wizard of Wordplay
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i need help with a summary on japans history

asked Feb 23, 2015 in History / Social Sci by rosey
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i can sizzle like bacon i am made with and egg i have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg i peel layers like an onion but remain whole i can be long like a flag pole, but can fit in a hole what am i?

asked Jul 26, 2014 in Challenge / Quizzes by tdtl1802 (13,430 points)
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Riddle: A woman goes into a bank in Chicago and asks for a $1,000 loan for an upcoming trip she has planned to Asia. The loan officer tells her she will need collateral ... and he realizes she's not as dumb as they thought. Why did she get the loan?

asked May 28, 2014 in Jokes & Riddles by Cupcake549 (32,390 points)
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A volcano erupts in the dark of the night. Four people, carrying only one flashlight, run for their lives. They come to a canyon. There's a footbridge that spans ... have to count the time it takes to go back across the bridge with the flashlight!

asked Jun 18, 2013 in Challenge / Quizzes by Cupcake549 (32,390 points)
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