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16 Math Riddles And Logic Puzzles That Will Crack Your Mind Wide Open

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These math riddles and logic puzzles will either crack your mind wide open or will boost your IQ! (Hopefully, the latter)
00:14 - Just a nice warm-up before the main brain workout! To crack this easy riddle you need to pay attention to every item on the table!
01:21 - Turn on your logic to solve this famous logic puzzle! 9 out of 10 fail to find the answer! Will you?
03:28 - Easy brain teasers for kids that adults always struggle with! Instruction on solving this riddle: 1. Push your mind out of the box. 2. Engage your logic.
04:50 - Famous math riddle with answers to blow your mind!
05:59 - "Odd one out" challenge! Looks easy, but impossible to sovle!
08:13 - What is he buying? A mystery riddle that needs great IQ to solve it!
09:41 - What's missing? Easy picture riddles break for your mind before we move to the next challenging math brain teasers!
11:28 - If you can crack this glass/logic riddle on your own, then I take my hat off to you!
13:18 - Viral math riddle I left without the answers for you to crack!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS the answer to the last tricky math puzzle!

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