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17 Signs You Are a Genius, Have High Intelligence and High IQ - You may be smarter than you think!

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17 signs that you may be a genius without knowing it.

1. you forget where you kept your keys or phone
According to many psychologists, being scatterbrained practically guarantees your standing as a genius. When youre a genius, its hard to be preoccupied with the mystical meaning behind the workings of the universe

2. You have the mark of a genius on your fingernails.
Most peoples fingernails have a half-moon circle at the base of them called a lunula. However, having a bright white half circle at the base of your thumb has been determined to be the sign of a genius. People who have this distinctive mark on their thumbnails are said to not only to be adept at remembering and connecting chronological events but also possess logical reasoning abilities.

3. Your frontal lobe is bigger.
Although you cant really measure your brain size without some heavy-duty scientific equipment, one scientific brain study conducted on twins found that the twin with the larger amount of grey matter in the frontal lobe did better on intelligence tests. The link between intelligence and brain volume has been explored in other studies

4. Youre a chocoholic.
If your brain craves chocolate, this may be a connection to how smart you are. Consuming flavanols, a bioactive found in cocoa, can help with boosting your cognitive performance. Researchers at the Universities of Rome and LAquila in Italy discovered that eating chocolate improves attention span, memory, and the processing speed of the brain. This study showed that eating chocolate not only boosted test scores during the study but that consuming a little chocolate every day can improve cognitive performance over time.
5. Youre a procrastinator.
Geniuses tend to take their time with important decisions, not taking the easy way, and sometimes, no way at all if there isnt a brilliant solution.
6. You wonder about the meaning of life.
When you are talking to yourself and you ask, Whats the point of everything? you are asking the question of someone who has a genius mind. This may also make you anxious, which is also a typical genius behavior.
7. You have terrible penmanship.
If someone told you that you should be a doctor because your handwriting is so messy, they are partially right. Doctors have to write medical terminology and prescriptions quickly all day long writing so fast that their handwriting becomes illegible. Its the same with geniuses. They are thinking faster than their handwriting can keep up with. Messy handwriting is also the sign of a highly creative person, as confirmed by a study published in the Physiological Science Journal.
8. Youre the oldest child.
Recent research from the Journal of Human Resources proves that the oldest child will score higher on IQ tests, and this has nothing to do with genetics. Its the fact that parents are always overly interactive and heavily invested with their first child. Parents who want to do everything right with the first child will then relax with the others, The older child is usually more intelligent than the others.
9. You learned to read early.
Reading from an early age - because you want to - increases both verbal and nonverbal abilities like reasoning and comprehension. Researchers in the UK confirmed this in 2012. They found that the siblings who learned to read earlier also scored higher on cognitive ability tests.

10. You tend to be a loner.

According to the British Journal of Psychology, people who like to be alone are generally more intelligent. And talking to yourself, if you are a genius, is also fairly common.

11. You may have been labeled as one of the quiet people.

12. Your desk is unorganized and your house is a mess.
If the first thing people notice about you at work is that your desk looks like a cyclone hit it, you may be a genius. As psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs points out, Some of the most creative and prolific people are inveterate slobs. Although other people may try to make you feel bad about your messy surroundings, the prevailing theory is that if you dont spend time organizing and cleaning everything around you
13. You are consistently preoccupied with your thoughts.
Weve already covered the part about you being a quiet genius, but if people are always asking you, What are you thinking? this is the other half of the equation.

15. You wear the same clothes every day.
This strategy works for likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who often wear the same color shirts, ad nauseam. Even Albert Einstein only had three suits to his name in order to help him focus his mind on his genius ideas instead.
16. You are forgetful.
So if you are a little absent-minded, makes you forgetful sometimes. A study published by the University of Toronto found that people who forget the trivial details of the day are far more likely to be focusing on the more important issues that solve the worlds problems.

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