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24 Pet Myths You Should Stop Believing

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In this video, we will debunk 24 myths about your pet, dog and cat.

Do dogs have cleaner mouth than humans? Do cats really hate water? Is raw meat the only best food for dogs? In this video, we will discover the truth behind myths about pets.

#24. A dogs mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth
Both dogs and humans have mouths filled with bacteria. Dogs mouth can be toxic to some types of bacteria, but it carries its own types of bacteria and infectious organisms.
In fact, dogs have over 600 different types of bacteria in their mouths which is similar to humans.

#23. One cat or dog year equals seven human years.
In dogs, the aging process is much more complicated, with their first year equaling roughly 15 human years, their second 9 human years, and each year after that equalling 4 human years.
#22. Dogs and cats only see in black and white.
Although your pet has narrower visual spectrum that humans do, but it doesnt mean that they cant see colors. Dogs can see shades of grey, blue, and yellow.
Cats are sort of color-blind. They see the world mainly in yellow, blue, and brown shades.
#21. Dogs eat grass because they are sick.
Some people believe if a dog has an upset stomach, they eat grass to help them throw up
But dogs and cats eat green stuff to improve digestion, treat intestinal worms, relieve constipation, or fulfill some nutritional needs such as fiber.

#20. Dogs can express guilt
Dogs can feel fear, sadness, and joy. However, studies have shown that dogs dont have the emotional maturity to feel secondary emotions like guilt and shame.
A dogs guilty look, which we often see in internet memes, is a reaction to a humans angry body language or tone of voice.

#19. Cats can see in the dark
Although cats have a superior ability to see in near-darkness, they cannot see in total darkness.
Depending on the light, the shape of a cats pupil can change from almost fully round to vertical slit.
Cats pupils open much wider in dim light, letting in more light.

#18. Horses sleep standing up.
horses legs can essentially lock, holding them in an upright position.
#17. Dogs wag their tails to show happiness.
Dogs body language is complex, and although dogs do wag their tails when theyre happy, they can also wag their tails out of fear, nervousness, or aggression.

#16. A dog who yawns is sleepy.
Dogs yawn for a lot of reasons. They usually do it to relieve stress or to curb their enthusiasm

#15. Dogs lick your face because you have a salty taste
Licking also releases endorphins and makes your pet feel comfortable. When your dog licks your face, they could be trying to keep you clean, gather information about you.

#14. Cats purr when they are happy
Cats often purr when they are happy. However, they may also purr when they are stressed, frightened, injured or in pain.
Studies have shown the low-frequency vibrations produced by purring is linked to many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure or stress levels.

#13. Carrots are a great diet for rabbits.
The idea that carrots should be your rabbits staple diet is a giant myth.

#12. Raw meat is the only best food for dogs.
Dogs closest relatives, wolves, eat meat in the wild. But dogs need much more than simply meat.
#11. Goldfish have no memory.
Recent research, though, has shown that Goldfish are capable of learning and remembering things for a long time.
#10. Old dogs cant learn new tricks.
A dog, regardless of how old, can learn new tricks
#9. Cats hate water.
Cats cat water because it weighs their fur down and makes them feel cold. Cats can be taught to tolerate and even enjoy swimming.

#8. A warm and dry dog nose signals illness.
Some other symptoms that might indicate fever in dogs are loss of appetite, lack of energy, shivering or coughing.
#7. Pet rats are dirty.
Rats hate getting dirty and spend tons of time grooming themselves and each other.

#6. Dogs and cats hate each other
Cats and dogs are by no means natural enemies, but there are a few behavioral differences that can set them at odds. Cats are independent and passive, dogs are sociable and active.

#5. Only male dogs hump
Both male and female dogs hump.

#4. Shaving a Pet's Fur Keeps Them Cool in the Summer
A cat or dog's coat is designed by nature to keep them warm during the winter, and cool during the summer. By shaving your pet, you interfere with their built-in temperature regulation and put them at risk of sunburn.

#3. Cats are nocturnal.
Cats seem to be more active at night. What isnt true is that cats are nocturnal. Their increased activity at night is mostly due to their instinct to be crepuscular.

#2. Dog saliva can heal wounds
Dogs saliva doesnt heal wounds.
dogs mouths are not clean they lick their genitals, they eat things off the ground, and tons of germs can get into the wounds along with their saliva.

#1. Some dog breeds are hypoallergenic
All dogs shed and produce allergens. So all dog breeds could be allergenic.

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