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How Ghost Particles Are Slowing Down Stars

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There's no such thing as empty space in outer space. What are virtual particles and how do they create friction in the vacuum of space?

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Pulsar Timekeepers Measure Up To Atomic Clocks
"An international team of astronomers has come up with a new way of keeping track of time by observing a collection of pulsars - rapidly rotating stars that emit radio pulses at very regular intervals."

Journal Club: Friction Of The Vacuum Could Slow The Rotation Of Pulsars
"A vacuum is by definition a space entirely devoid of matter, so one might naturally assume that objects in a vacuum do not encounter friction. However, quantum physics implies that the vacuum is not actually completely empty, but is rather filled with ghostly particles wavering in and out of existence."

Hawking Radiation
"When humans starve, they grow thin and eventually die; when a black hole starves, it too grows thin and dies ... but it does so very spectacularly, in a burst of Hawking radiation."


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