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How Your Pee Could Help Billions Of People

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Most of us flush our urine down the toilet, but William Tarpeh uses it to create fertilizer and hopes to help people in need. See how here.

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Waterless toilets turn human waste into energy and fertiliser
"According to the UN, 2.5 billion people in the developing world lack what many of us take for granted - access to a toilet. As a result, human faeces ends up on the roadside, in drinking water and eventually in people's stomachs. The outcome is diarrhoea. Second only to pneumonia in its destructiveness, diarrhoea kills more than 4,000 children a day (pdf), yet gets a fraction of the attention and funding given to the likes of cholera, TB and measles, says Rose George, author of The Big Necessity."

What's in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting
"Looking for an encyclopedia of pee? Scientists have laid out the entire chemical composition of human urine, revealing that more than 3,000 compounds are found in the fluid, and have published it all in an online database."

The Sanergy Model
"We convert the waste at a centralized facility into useful end-products such as organic fertilizer, insect-based animal feed, and renewable energy. To produce the fertilizer, we co-compost the waste with sawdust, other carbon sources and effective micro-organisms, which eliminates pathogens. Then, we let the compost mature in windrows. Once ready, we test every batch of fertilizer by third parties to ensure compliance with World Health Organization standards."


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