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Logic Gates, Truth Tables, Boolean Algebra AND, OR, NOT, NAND & NOR

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Channel: The Organic Chemistry Tutor
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This electronics video provides a basic introduction into logic gates, truth tables, and simplifying boolean algebra expressions. It discusses logic gates such as the AND, OR, NOT, NAND and NOR Gates. This video is for college students who are taking introduction to logic design.

Full 2 Hour Video:

Here are a list of topics:
1. 0:00 - Intro to Binary Numbers
2. 0:53 - The Buffer Logic Gate Using Transistors & LEDS
3. 3:42 - The NOT Gate With Truth Table
4. 7:27 - The AND Logic Gate Using Two Transistors In Series
5. 10:14 - The OR Logic Gate Using Two Transistors In Parallel
6. 13:26 - The NAND Logic Gate
7. 19:11 - The NOR Logic Gate
8. 20:30 - How To Write a Function Given Block Diagrams With AND & OR Gates
9. 24:41 - Writing a Function of a Multi-Level Circuit Diagram
10. 26:55 - How To Draw a Block Diagram Given The Function
11. 30:22 - Identifying Sum of Products Expressions (SOP)
12. 31:22 - Identifying Product of Sums Expressions (POS)
13. 35:11 - Identifying The Number of Product Terms, Sum Terms, Literals, Variables, Minterms, and Maxterms
14. 48:07 - Rules of Boolean Algebra
15. 48:30 - Commutative Property

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