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Making Soap DIY to combat COVID19 (Easy Recipe)

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Channel: Nick Uhas
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In our last video, we showed you how to make hand sanitizer and while this might work because you have those ingredients in your house as it stands many stores are totally out of isopropyl alcohol, the active ingredient in hand sanitizer.

However there are other ingredients that Ive noticed have NOT been out of stock everywhere Ive gone

And also, because washing your hands is actually more effective at combating bacteria and viruses than using hand sanitizer Im wanted to show you how to make soap at home with ingredients that are definitely still on the shelf!

Also making soap is super fun, its an easy thing to do at home while youre on lock down annnnddddd it helps to remind you to keep washing your hands!

For this super easy soap recipe you will need the following

1.olive oil
2.coconut oil
3. And some other oil which could be any of the following: safflower, grapeseed oil, almond oil, or sunflower were using sunflower for this DIY
4. Lye or sodium hydroxide (there is plenty online)
5. Distilled or boiled water

Step 1:

Measure out cup of lye and slowly pour it into cup of distilled or cooled off boiled water. Note, lye is really caustic, its actually the same active ingredient in drain cleaner so do this step with eye protection, gloves and a long sleeve shirt.
-make sure to slowly pour the lye into the water and dont breath in the fumes. When the water clears, you can move on to step 2

Mix cup of olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil into a measuring cup. Then put that mixture into a microwave for 1 min, now that your lye is cooling down make sure both liquids are around 100F or 38C

With both liquids around the right temperature begin to mix in the lye water slowly and stir by hand at first for 5 mins. You can also add your essential oils in this stage, we threw in eucalyptus oils.. You can continue to stir but for a faster process use a blender. Once it starts to look like pudding youve hit trace and you can stop stirring

Pour out the pudding into a mold and cover with a towel to keep the heat in and keep the saponification process going.

After 24 hours come back and cut the soap if you just poured it out into sheets. Let the soap sit for about 4-5 days before using. Some recipes say 4-6 weeks, but 99% of the saponification process has happened in the first 48 hours, however if your soap tingles while using it, thats the unreacted lye burning your skin so let it sit for longer

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