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The covid vaccine developed super quickly. Heres why its still safe.

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Channel: Fig. 1 by University of California
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Remember when the pandemic started and some people were really into baking bread? Lots of people embraced the comfort of sourdough to get them through the frightening first months of the pandemic. Ironically, the reason we can eat bread at all is because thousands of years ago a virus helped us develop a new enzyme that made it easier to digest carbohydrates.Viruses have developed hand-in-hand with humankind, sometimes as weve seen with COVID-19 to deadly effect. Humans have fought back, developing in the process the concept of vaccines, with the first effective, modern vaccine coming on the scene more than 200 years ago.Todays COVID-19 vaccines work in much the same way as those early inoculations but are safer and more effective. Its true that they were developed with historic speed but only because they were built on decades of basic research that allowed us to deliver them in record time.Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss any new videos: And now that you know the science of how #COVID vaccines work, its time to get one! you can go to to look for an appointment if you're in California or if youre in the US, go to Read more about this research at: Pandemic bread loaves and ancient viruses0:58 Viruses are in everything!1:22 A virus is a set of instructions2:04 How vaccines help our bodies3:05 Traditional vaccines are slow to make3:30 A whole new way to make vaccines4:09 How mRNA vaccines work4:52 Record speed5:07 Start making vaccines for the future5:45 More information on getting vaccinated------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe! 1 explores groundbreaking ideas from science to art to history to psychology and the brilliant minds behind it. Find more Fig. 1 at: #mrna

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