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Why Do Athletes Wear All That Weird Tape?


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Athletes today are often seen striped with tape all over their bodies. What does this colorful tape do? Does it actually work?

Does Shaving Your Body Actually Help You Swim Faster? -
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Olympic Athletes Put 'Cupping' And Alternative Medicine In The Spotlight
"An ancient Chinese therapy taking center stage at the Olympics might look scary, but athletes swear by its effectiveness. "Cupping," where cups are placed on the skin to create suction, is used for everything from treating flu symptoms to enhancing recovery in athletes."

Kinesio Tape For Athletes: A Big Help, Or Hype?
"They've been hard to miss at this year's Olympic Games: Strips of brightly colored tape adorning the arms, legs, and torsos of many top athletes. But more than just fashion is driving this trend.
The tape is called Kinesio tape. Many athletes believe it has medical benefits."

Kinesio Taping In Treatment And Prevention Of Sports Injuries: A Meta-Analysis Of The Evidence For Its Effectiveness
"Kinesio tape (KT) is an elastic therapeutic tape used for treating sports injuries and a variety of other disorders. Chiropractor, Dr Kenso Kase, developed KT taping techniques in the 1970s. It is claimed that KT supports injured muscles and joints and helps relieve pain by lifting the skin and allowing improved blood and lymph flow. The profile of KT rose after the tape was donated to 58 countries for use during the 2008 Olympic Games, and was seen on high-profile athletes. Practitioners are asking whether they should use KT over other elastic adhesive tapes."


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