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Why Does White Noise Make You Fall Asleep?

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Many people report that listening to white noise helps them fall and stay asleep. Why exactly does it work?

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Why Does White Noise Help People Sleep?
"On its face, flipping on white noise before hitting the sack must be the most counterintuitive idea out there. Want to sleep better? Simple solution: make a bunch of noise. Sweet dreams ahoy."

White, Pink, Blue and Violet: The Colours of Noise
"Ever wondered why white noise is white? It's not the only colour of noise you can get. There are a handful of others too -- which are used in a variety of different situations, including acoustics testing, electrical engineering and hard physics."

What Is Pink Noise?
"Pink noise is a color of noise, not entirely unlike white noise. Both white noise and pink noise contain all the frequencies that are audible to humans - 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz - but the way their signal power is distributed among those frequencies differs."

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