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Homemade Science Demonstrations with Bruce Yeany

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Channel: Bruce Yeany
Categories: Physics   |   Science  
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Welcome to my science channel, here are a few examples of some of the interesting materials and activities that I've posted over the last 5 years . Over 170 videos of demonstrations and activities that I've found interesting and helpful as a middle school physical science teacher for 41 years. I've retired last year but still have a lot more information that I'd like to share with everyone that has an interest in science.
Videos shown at timestamp
0:05 egg drop.

0:33 Heron's fountain.

0:47 Can Crushing

0:55 Open snacks with Hydrogen.

1:08 sand pendulums using iron filings
sand pendulums. (original)
colorful sand pendulums (not shown)
sand & light pendulums. (not shown).

1:27 self sealing balloons.
skewering water balloons.
poke a paper bag prank (not shown)

1:45. throwing Fire with trebuchet.
Punkin Chunkin trebuchet. (not shown)

2:11 AIr Engine. hand pump powered
Compressed air engine.
air engine lung powered. (not shown)

2:30 Cup flyers.

2:42 Slow moving waves.

2:52. Cartesian diver part one.
Big Cartesian divers part two.
Diving bear Cartesian diver.(not shown)

3:05 Solar Motor
Solar motor driving hammer.
Solar motor bell ringer. (not shown)

3:24 POP guns.

3:38 color shadows.

4:01 underwater smoke rings.
world's smallest smoke rings.(not shown)

4:17 tumbling toys on ladder.
simple tumbling toys (not shown).

4:34. Trammel of Archimedes updated.
Trammel of Archimedes no talking soothing sound
Do nothing machine (original).

4:49 Big high low track.
High low track. (table sized version)
Marble track review. (similar tracks).

5:23 Dancing Cornstarch stream.
Bending streams of water.
Static electricity demonstration.

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