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How did the dinosaurs die? | Earth Unplugged

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Channel: Earth Unplugged
Categories: Archeology / Paleontology   |   Biology   |   Environmental   |   Science  
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Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for over 150 million years but were suddenly wiped out around 65 million years ago. Maddie investigates how they may have met their end. Subscribe to Earth Unplugged for more amazing animal videos -

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Full video credits:
Script: Leila Battison
Presenter: Maddie Moate
Animation: Pomona Pictures
Music: Audio Networks

Archive footage:
Nuclear Explosion: Dominic Sunset by Department of Energy Publication date 1962

Further Attribution:

Extra 2D credits:
Illustrations by Patrica Ferguson and Pierangelo Pirak
Leaves Silhouettes by
Earth and space textures NASA

Other textures Lost and Taken and

Extra 3D credits:
Triceratops by Fabrizio De Rossi
Other dinosaurs by Pierangelo Pirak

Sketchfab credits:
“Gunung Batur lava flows and craters” and “Batur lava flow detail” by Kyle

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