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How to STOP the Coronavirus from Spreading (Illustrated with Dominoes)

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Channel: Hevesh5
Categories: Biology   |   Health   |   Science  
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Illustrating the spread of the coronavirus using 8,000 dominoes, and how we can prevent further outbreak by choosing to stay home. The domino effect is used as a visual representation to show how quickly the virus can spread if we don't take social distancing seriously. Research shows that 1 person with COVID-19 will further infect an average of 3 people. In this example, a domino is removed which creates a gap (social distancing), the chain reaction of the spread stops, and the world is safe.

#StayHome learn #WithMe as I explain how to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

Stay informed by following the CDC's guidelines:
Consider making a donation to help those in need. I've personally donated to GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund ( which allocates funds to where it is needed the most, but there are many other specific communities that you can donate to if you scroll down or search online.
Support your local businesses (if possible) by ordering food delivery, buying gift cards, keeping your memberships, and writing online reviews
Call your friends and family to check in with them and make sure they are okay

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