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Humpback Whales Lunge Feeding In Monterey Bay!

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Seems like these humpback whales had a lunge date! Whale watchers in Monterey Bay were treated to a whale of a show yesterday, as over a dozen dashing diners took turns launching and lunching on anchovy antipasti!

Humpback whales are here to gorge on the bounty of the Monterey Bay’s cool waters before heading down to warmer Mexican waters to breed. Their expandable throat pouches engulf gallons upon gallons of fishy seawater, before powerful tongues push the soup through mustache-like baleen, leaving only the finest of anchovy noodles behind these built-in pasta strainers.

Fun fact: Our whales are a different population than the humpbacks in Hawai'i, which migrate to Alaska and back.

Go whale watching if you can! Late summer is a magical time of year in Monterey Bay.


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