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Octopus 101 | Feeding!

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How do you keep an octopus entertained with its meal? Put a lid on it! To cater to the specific intelligence of octopuses, a food puzzle in a jar is the perfect tool for Cephalopod Aquarist Candace to enrich her giant Pacific octopus!

Watch as 2,000 suctions work then independent and again in unison to twist open the jar and grab the tasty treats inside. In the wild, octopuses use their arms to smell, taste and touch at distance, studying the reef and searching for hidden prey. Each arm works semi-independently, and each suction cup is like a miniature hand, nose and tongue combo. Their dexterity, strength and flexibility make octopuses some of the most fearsome predators in the ocean!

This video is part of a quick marine biology playlist for octopuses: Octopus 101!

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