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Making Handmade Candy Humbugs | Où se trouve: Stilwells

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Making hard candy mint Humbugs. This handmade candy takes many steps to complete.
Handmade hard candy Humbugs is an old fashioned delicious treat. Wait for the snake at the end!
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8:20 This is snek. Hisssss... hisssssssssss... hissssssss.

Stilwells is a Montreal based handmade candy company steeped in history, having incorporated back in 1929. Recently, they've taken steps to ramp up production and get back on track, and things are looking (and tasting) great. Watch this behind the scenes video to see the manufacturing process behind their number one best seller, Stilwell's Humbugs!

Homemade candy recipes:
Book on how to make fudge, hard candy at home:
Make your own gummy candies:
Humbugs on Amazon:

What are humbugs? Taken from Wikipedia:
"Humbugs are a traditional hard boiled sweet available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are usually flavored with peppermint and striped in two different colors (often black and white). Humbugs are typically cylinders with rounded ends wrapped in a twist of cellophane or else pinched cylinders with a 90-degree turn between one end and the other (shaped like a pyramid with rounded edges), loose in a bag. Records of humbugs exist from as early as the 1820s and they are referred to in the 1863 book Sylvia's Lovers as being a food from the North."

Here is some more information on the history of Stilwells:
"Richard & Constance Stilwell brought their secret and original recipe for Humbugs with them when they moved to Montreal from England in 1914. Richard Stilwell, who was also a violinist, lost his job and in order to keep his family going, incorporated Stilwells in 1927 and started to make other products including fudge and other chocolate products. These products were made by their eldest daughter Gladys. Shortly after that they started making Humbugs and other candies in 1929 and they opened their first store in Verdun in 1933. The family moved the business to Centrale Street in Lasalle in the late 90’s, and about six years ago they closed the store, but Lorne Jenkins kept making limited amounts for loyal customers."

"In August 2013, it appeared that the supply of these wonderful candies was in serious danger of being cut off forever and so, after discussions with both Lorne Jenkins and my wife Toni, who’s store Le Panier, is in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, we decided to step in and revitalized the company." -

Stilwells can be found online:

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