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Oldest Inn (1958)

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Bletchingly, Surrey.

Exterior. M/S of an elderly woman walking down a quaint village street. L/S of the street, in the foreground is the Whyte Harte Inn. The narrator explains that the inn dates from 1388. Low angle C/U of the wrought iron inn sign.

Interior. M/S of a chef, Jim Wasiecsko, preparing food in the main bar. The inn looks very old with a large open fire place and exposed oak beams. Jim is preparing 'jugged hare' in an ancient pressure cooker - the landlord believes in preserving old English customs. C/U of a large dish of meat, vegetables and herbs - the 'jugged hare'. Jim uses a large fork to life pieces of hare into the black iron pressure cooker. The proprietor of the inn, Sammy Matthews enters and asks to taste the hare. M/S of Sammy stooping to eat from a ladle held by Jim. C/U of the ladle lifting some meat from the pressure cooker. C/U of Sammy nodding with approval. C/U of the lid of the pressure cooker being sealed and then carried away by Sammy.

M/S of Sammy pacing the pressure cooker onto a hook dangling over the open fire. Sammy then takes a seat next to the fire, opposite him are a group of two men and a woman drinking. Sammy picks up what appears to be an old frying pan. The narrator explains that it is in fact an 18th century waffle iron. Sammy takes a bowl of batter standing on a shelf by the fire and scoops a small amount into the waffle iron before clamping it shut. C/U of Sammy holding the waffle iron over the burning embers of the fire. C/U of the pressure cooking steaming. The narrator points out that from the fireplace it is possible to see the sky because of the enormous width of the chimney. C/U of the lid of the pressure cooker. M/S of the group drinking from old fashioned pottery flagons. The man in the centre, smoking a cigarette, points towards Sammy. M/S of Sammy lifting the waffle iron from the fire. C/U of a waffle being dropped from the irons onto a white china plate by the hearth.

M/S of an elderly man, Norman Roffey placing his pint of beer by the fire and taking a seat. Sammy holds out a rack of long clay pipes for Norman to take one. Norman places the pipe in his mouth and goes to light it. C/U of the pressure cooker still steaming. C/U of Norman puffing away.

C/U of a hot poker being dipped into a pint of beer to make 'mulled ale'. The beer gets frothy as the heat takes effect. The narrator explains the poker was designed for this job. A pair of hands are seen grating nutmeg onto the 'mulled ale'. M/S of Norman enjoying his mulled pint.

M/S of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harrison sitting by the fire. A waiter dressed in a dinner jacket, Sydney Robbins places a bottle of red wine on the table in front of them and picks up a conical pan. C/U of Sydney picking up sticks of cinnamon and cloves from dishes on a silver tray and placing them into the pan - "a 150 year old copper, tin lined muller". C/U of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison smiling. C/U of Sydney pouring "non-vintage red wine" and sugar into the muller. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison watch as Sydney holds the muller over the fire. C/U of the wine bubbling in the muller. Sydney then pours it into to two wine glasses on the table and adds a pinch of ground ginger. Sydney hands Mrs. and Mr. Harrison the glasses. They click glasses politely before taking a sip.
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