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The Race To See The Black Hole At The Center Of Our Galaxy

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We've never observed a black hole directly, but with a wild collection of telescopes, these astronomers are determined to be the first.

What Can Giant Telescopes Reveal About Our Universe? -
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Are Black Holes Real?
"Today, there is wide scientific consensus that black holes are real. Even though they can't be observed directly-by definition, they give off no light-astronomers can infer their hidden presence by watching how stars, gas, and dust swirl and glow around them."

Why the coldest place in the universe is so special
"[Boomerang Nebula] is one of the most bizarre and mysterious objects in the universe. Here, within the gas streaming outwards, astronomers have found that the temperature drops as low as half a degree above absolute zero."

Black Hole Hunters
"Known as the Event Horizon Telescope, named after the point of no return in a black hole, its job was to see what has been until now unseeable: an exquisitely small, dark circle of nothing, a tiny shadow in the glow of radiation at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It is there that astronomers think lurks a supermassive black hole, a trap door into which the equivalent of four million suns has evidently disappeared."


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