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This Is the Only Proven Way to Deter a Great White Shark | The Swim

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Channel: Seeker
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Will deterrent technology lower an ocean swimmer's chances of a dangerous encounter with a shark?

What Can Happen to the Human Heart After Months of Swimming? | The Swim -

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Can technology save you from a shark attack?
“Over 18 days, Huveneers – who heads the Southern Shark Ecology Group at Adelaide’s Flinders University – tested a series of commercially available shark deterrent devices to determine their effectiveness in repelling the ocean’s most feared predator. Over many long days at sea, his team observed sharks from its boat and with cameras below the waves."

Why Are We Afraid of Sharks? There's a Scientific Explanation.
"You're more likely to be crushed to death under a falling vending machine in your office, or a cow that collapses on you in a field than you are to die in the jaws of a shark. But fears don't necessarily match facts, and the fear of being attacked by a shark is more about our emotional response than the reality."

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Animal Senses
“Snakes’ tongues do more than taste: They help track prey. Their forked tongues pick up scent molecules that the animal transfers, via specialized ducts in the mouth, to the Jacobson’s organ, which can detect where the scent’s source is located.”


Ben Lecomte's historic swim across the Pacific Ocean is a feat that can’t be missed. Join us as we dive into the most extensive data set of the Pacific Ocean ever collected. Learn about the technology the Seeker crew is using to deter sharks away from Ben and measure the impact of the long-distance swim on his mind and body. Ben's core mission is to raise awareness for ocean health issues, so we’ll investigate key topics such as pollution and plastics as he swims closer to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, discover potential consequences from climate change, and examine how factors like ocean currents can impact his progress along the way.

Seeker explains every aspect of our world through a lens of science, inspiring a new generation of curious minds who want to know how today’s discoveries in science, math, engineering and technology are impacting our lives, and shaping our future. Our stories parse meaning from the noise in a world of rapidly changing information.

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