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VIRUSES | Everything You Need To Know About Viruses | 3by3

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Everything you need to know about viruses in a quick visual explanation. You can get the infographic image here

At the beginning of this pandemic like everyone I was hearing lots about viruses, but realised I didnt know that much about what they are. So I did a load of research and have summarised what I learned in these nine images. This video explains the key aspects of viruses: how big they are, how they infect and enter and exit cells, how viruses are classified, how they replicate, and subjects involving viral infections like how they spread from person to person, how our immune system detects and destroys them and how vaccines and anit-viral drugs work.

Human error:
In slide 9 toxin vaccines are for bacterial infections like tetanus, not viruses.

Big shoutout and thanks to these people for fact checking my work:
Dr Michael Bramhall
Dr Christoph von Arx

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0:00 Introduction
0:14 Virus Overview
1:21 Virus Size
1:58 Virus Classification
3:34 Cell Penetration
4:32 Virus Replication
5:58 Virus Release
6:58 Virus Infection and Range
8:15 Immune Response
9:22 Vaccines

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