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Without These Engineering Tricks Spacecraft Would Die Out There

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Channel: Seeker
Categories: Astronomy   |   Science  
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Space is an extreme environment. With the severe temperatures, endless debris, and harsh radiation, how do spacecraft survive?

Is There Space for 12,000 More Satellites Up There? -

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Surviving Extreme Conditions In Space
“Space is one of the most extreme environments imaginable. Above the insulating atmosphere of the Earth, spacecraft are subjected to extremes of temperature, both hot and cold, and a significantly increased threat of radiation damage.”

Ted Cruz: US Satellites Are Vulnerable to ‘Truly Chilling’ Enemy Attack
“The comments by Cruz — who didn't elaborate on the type or extent of the investment required — mirror those made recently by several high-ranking American military officials, who have stressed that the nation needs to prepare for a war that extends into space.”

Spying from Space: How the CIA Recovered Film From Secret Satellites
“So, the US needed a satellite that could take pictures! The thing is, a U-2 flight eventually lands-- the film in the cameras could be taken out and developed. If we launch a satellite, we needed a way to get the film from space to intelligence officers. This had never been done before.”

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This episode of Seeker was hosted by Trace Dominguez

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