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asked Apr 15 in Fashion/Style by Izzy
I want to be a celebrity makeup designer and my mom does not want me to because they don't make a whole lot of money. I guess they make a decent amount but you want your job to be something you love right? Please help

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answered Apr 23 by LunaLight (133,320 points)

Here's the thing-

You can be whatever you want, it's no one else's choice, like what Miss-know-it-all said. But, you need to do more research on professions first. You need to take into account what you like doing, how much money you make, how much work/school you'll need first, what you are good at, and how hard it is to achieve that job. I recommend using an ikigai chart. You can choose how much each of those things matters to you, but do take each into account. For a celebrity makeup designer, you might like doing it now, but will you for the rest of your life? I'll be honest, that's not a lot of money they make, and you do need to take that into consideration if you plan to make a living off of that profession. You'll need some sort of course or makeup class from either training or college, and college can be very pricey. Make sure you have some talent for makeup artistry. Celebrity makeup designing would be very hard to achieve with the "celebrity" part thrown in there. You cannot just become one straight out of college. You'd start at the bottom, probably doing makeup in a shop or something similar, and you could slowly work up your career and reputation, and eventually, you may get to be a celebrity makeup designer, but makeup designing first. I'll be honest with you, it would be a lot of long work, little pay, and probably part-time jobs on the side, and you may not get to the level that you are wanting. If you truly want to be a celebrity makeup designer, go for it, but in my opinion, there are more cons than pros. I'd make sure that you have backups and other things you'd like to be that are easier to achieve. Explore your options, you might find other things you like more and are easier to achieve. Personally, I want to be an artist and author. I need to go to an art college, major in art, minor in creative writing. I'll need to consistently work on my stories and then send them to publishers or self-publish. I'll need to find another job in the meantime of creating stories, and I'd like to be a tattoo artist in that space, in which I'll need to do training for and then I could work in a tattoo art shop, and I'll try making a living off of stories and commissions simultaneously. I know what I need for the jobs I want and it's all easily attainable and a decent amount of money depending on my future improved skills.

commented Apr 26 by Izzy
WOW thanks so much for the support!! :)
commented Apr 26 by LunaLight (133,320 points)
It's not exactly support. You can be what you want, but I do advise you to look at risks.
commented Apr 28 by Izzy
Yes! Thanks
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answered Apr 23 by j a z i q u i x
Makeup artist do make a liveable amount of money actually! And if you are going to have that job for the rest of your life them make it something you love to do :)
commented Apr 26 by Izzy
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answered Apr 23 by Miss know-it-all

Here is what I think, you are totally right your job should be about what you love, not what other people recommend for you, what I suggest is to do what pleases you but try avoiding bringing up the subject to your mom, I totally understand how you feel for not having the support you think you deserve but maybe try talking about it  with other people who you feel comfortable around and if your mom ever stops you from following your dream try explaining to her that's your decision and no one else's.
commented Apr 26 by Izzy
Thank you so much! You guys are so nice!!

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