What To Do When You Are Stung By A Bee

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Aim to get out the stinger first. If it is at a point that you can use your hands, always use gloves. If not try using a credit card and quickly swipe it out. Then, numb the sting with an ice pack or ice in a towel. Or, combine baking soda and just enough water to create a paste and dab it on the sting. Or, try toothpaste. Both shrink and dry out the bite. As for losing pain, sometimes rubbing a hot bar of soap on the injection helps. Alert: If you start hyperventilating or having a hard time breathing, or if the stung area starts to swell like crazy, or anything abnormal happens, get an adult or have a friend find one. You are probably having a dangerous allergic reaction

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answered Jul 22, 2016 by FancyRatLover
This happened when I was stung by a sweat bee- in the neck! My mom immediately applied pressure to where the sting had been afher she removed it. I'm not allergic to bees- thank goodness.

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