i am starting a blog for girls only!!! join in! more down below

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asked Oct 20, 2020 in General Blogs by kyla
Hi guys!!! this is our first ever blog!!!!! let’s talk about our name!!! let’s say we are the daughter hood. i don’t know. lol.  i am a preteen. i am in school and studying so i will post as much as possible. this is in blogs. so go look for other post if i have any. i will only do about 2 or 3 things about girls on each blog


1. curves: like it or not we have a lot of curves our hips curve a lot (most likely to have babies if you want to) our thighs will also get bigger. also to have babies.

2. pimples: we all hate theses. i have them a lot and i struggled. i used face wash every single night and i try to every morning. i also have cream for it but it dries my face out and then i have to do mostrizer my first thing is put makeup over it. but don’t it can cause things worse. try not to scratch or pop them.

anyway. that’s all for today! comeback. thanks!!!!

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answered Oct 21, 2020 by kyla
oky! i see no one has commented that they liked it or wanna be in! so please if you view this comment something. say hi or hello to someone you don’t know. or tell me what y’all wanna talk about. please!!!



commented Oct 22, 2020 by Sock <3
Hi y'all

Sock <3
commented Oct 22, 2020 by kyla
hey girl!!!! did this help
commented Oct 23, 2020 by Sock <3
Hey. Yas
commented Oct 25, 2020 by kyla
good!!!!! should i do another one

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