Howdy, folks. What'd I miss?

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asked Apr 6 in Other by DukeSilver (6,920 points)
First of all: What the heck? I mean, I'm such a low profile, unimportant, unpopular KS figure, but everybody is making comments and posts about me. Even L e t s C h a t T o d a y 1 2 3 4 5 (whom, mind you, I have never even spoken to) made a post about me. It's not like I'm GemHeart or Pumpkin or JD2005 or jellyfishlover or Greenie or lunamoonlight or Queeny or l0sts0uth or really anybody else. Really: why?

And, more to the point, what have I missed in the last (gods, how long has it been--a month?) however long I've been gone? After a few minutes of browsing here's what I've come up with.

Jelly changed her name to PrincessJelly, from jellyfishlover (and apparently moved on or something)

EloquentRacer94 changed the profile picture, which, to be honest, really surprised me, since I've become so accustomed to the old one. But then again, Gem, Purple, and pretty much hand of all the people I'm friends with did, too.

I somehow got a hundred notifications by doing absolutely nothing, meaning that a lot of people are commenting on old posts.

Three people have sent me friend requests, which I should probably go accept now...

Jelly (ah, Princess, sorry) made another post that I just now discovered about my disappearance. That totals three just from her.

...And I don't really know. Tell me what you think that I ought to know, or all me questions if you want. Maybe I would be able to, like, be on here again at some point.

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answered Apr 13 by translator (44,660 points)
Oh, you are more popular than me. I am 100% the least popular person on here.
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answered Apr 7 by Cat person
Hello welcome back
commented May 5 by Cat person
Hay I did not say that
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answered Apr 7 by magicharrypottergal (20,540 points)
Hey duke!
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answered Apr 7 by JD2005
Hey Duke, welcome back! It's nice to see you again. :)

And like Luna said, you gained popularity pretty fast. So...
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answered Apr 7 by LunaLight (133,320 points)
I really don't know. You gained popularity faster than most users.
commented Apr 7 by JD2005
commented May 5 by translator (44,660 points)
yeah its been 2 months (including unregistered) and im still last place on popularity chart
commented May 5 by LunaLight (133,320 points)
Dude, you aren't unpopular Elo. Most users know who you're talking about if you say "EloquentRacer92". Although, with the reputation you've made, you're more notorious than famous on here.
commented May 5 by translator (44,660 points)
thats why i might be migrating to popjam
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answered Apr 7 by ~Ash~ (91,750 points)
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answered Apr 6 by ~Ash~ (91,750 points)
Why are you so important on here-

(Not in a rude way, you deserve it)
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answered Apr 6 by -GEMHeart- (292,450 points)

Yeah, ahem. Lotsa stuff. I changed my PFP cuz someone challenged me to do a Kermit :>

I was worried, btw; when someone here leaves everyone notices lol. Kinda hard to keep a low profile 

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