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Well, I don’t really know how else to put this, but I am SnowyBear. I know some people already know, but some people were confused over me putting that she never liked me back. I meant liked me as a friend person.

asked Feb 2 in Personal by Coffee Cake (74,830 points)
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In your room, do you have any specific place you hide your things? I hide my tablet, either under my pillow (temporary), under my bed (when I'm asleep), or between my bed frame and mattress (when I am going somewhere).

asked Nov 27, 2019 in Other by LunaLight (90,260 points)
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Today, I'm going to tell you one of my secrets. I even haven't told my parents this yet fearing they'll scold me for it and my phone'll be taken away. The big ... a lot of things you should come to know when you are 18+. Life has changed a lot.

asked Jun 25, 2019 in Personal by JD2005
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Which would you rather have? A-Cake B-Ice cream C-Pie D-Pi Which would you rather do with homework? A-Skip it B-Feed it to your dog C-Do it reluctantly D-Ask ... 've never met a bigger genius. Put your score in the answer section! Hope you had fun!

asked Apr 18, 2017 in Challenge / Quizzes by teamkatniss (2,580 points)
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Whether is a diary, journal, memoir, or poetry, if you let it slip that it's private, people will want to read it. Here are some tips on how to keep it secret. 1 ... inside of a folded sweater, taped to the lid of a shoebox, behind books on a shelf.

asked May 31, 2016 in ❤️AskGryffindorGal❤️ by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (116,580 points)
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