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The car ride took FOREVER! It was unbelievable. I though we were moving into a bigger house, not a bigger state! "Mom, when are we going to get ... !! Chapter Four:

asked Oct 29, 2016 in Fiction by SnoWolfPretzelz (2,560 points)
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How could I have been so stupid? I thought, as I attempted to finish up my packing. My mom said that Anabel's dad only has a college degree in ... :D Chapter Three:

asked Aug 13, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,840 points)
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DING DONG! The doorbell went. I was too excited to even breathe. So, last time I wrote in this journal, my blind cousin Anabel was moving in ... CONTINUED Chapter Two:

asked Aug 5, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,840 points)
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Ugh. I'm glad I'm transitioning into homeschooling next year. These girls think they're so pretty, but in reality, they're uglier than a troll on the ... ) Chapter One:

asked Jun 28, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,840 points)
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At the doctor's office, the nurse was endlessly talking about who knows what--no, literally, I had no idea what they were talking about. The doctor was running some hearing ... I COULD CHOOSE TO REMAIN DEAF FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. TO BE CONTINUED!!

asked Jun 8, 2016 in Fiction by rae (86,840 points)
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