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Ugh. I'm glad I'm transitioning into homeschooling next year. These girls think they're so pretty, but in reality, they're uglier than a troll on the inside. 


   I don't feel like I have to impress people to gain friends or a social popularity. because all of those things are meaningless after high school. I took off my turquoise hearing aids. 


   To tell you the truth, I love them. I mean, it's not really that bad, once you get past all those obnoxious middle school girls calling you an old granny because of impaired hearing. They probably have kinder souls anyway. 


   Sorry I haven't written in my diary much lately! it's been pretty hectic lately. What, with like my cousin Annabelle coming to stay with us, after her father lost his job. I love them so much. 


   Being deaf doesn't mean you can't be happy. That's why my favorite colour is yellow. Stay tuned for next chapter though, where I give you some more inside info on my family life!!


   My cousin Annabelle is blind so we are a team effort. they're moving in and I'm kinda busy so more on this tomorrow!! Bye!!


Chapter One:

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