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Do you have any younger siblings?

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asked May 18, 2016 in All Advisors by JtFullingim

Tell us what the down side of having a younger sibling and the good part of having a younger sibling!

14 Answers

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answered Nov 28, 2016 by jazzlinny (38,110 points)
Having a younger sibling is difficult, but surprisingly fun!! If you are more than 7 years apart, it may not have a difference. But close siblings or just 5 years apart can make a big difference. Being older, you are responsible for taking care of the younger one. But, younger ones are innocent, and loving and are fun to dance with!!!

+2 votes
answered Nov 29, 2016 by ilovedogs

I don't have any but I wish I did! I do have a dog but it get's lonely,ya know?

commented Nov 30, 2016 by ~ececgem~ (4,500 points)
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answered Nov 29, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,740 points)

I have 2 younger siblings. They are both super annoying at times but I'd be super lonely without them! 


+1 vote
answered Nov 30, 2016 by -GEMHeart- (276,600 points)

Well, you couldn't really call my brothers and my sister younger siblings, but they act like they are. I'm a quadruplet, but the oldest (by 3, 2, and 1 minute(s)), and I'm more or less the boss. It gives me an excuse when I tell them to do something, because when they ask, "Why should I do that?", I reply, "Cause I'm the oldest laugh". It works too.

+1 vote
answered Nov 30, 2016 by kph
i have 2 older and 2 younger siblings its pretty fun because  ya
+1 vote
answered Dec 1, 2016 by ~ececgem~ (4,500 points)
My sis' are sparkle101 emmy and cindystrong-rae
+1 vote
answered Dec 2, 2016 by Cow Boy (32,360 points)
All my siblings are 2-10 years apart from me
+1 vote
answered Dec 19, 2016 by (Taurus) SweetieGem (21,710 points)
well no me and my brother are twins not identical so i least i am not lonely
+1 vote
answered Jan 10, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (276,600 points)
They are jerky to ya a ton, but at least someone is there for you! My siblings are DinoDude and DoWKGuy (HufflepuffGuy), but my sis hasn't joined.
+1 vote
answered Apr 18, 2017 by teamkatniss (2,620 points)
I have a younger sister. She hasn't joined but she is soooooo annoying. I guess she's good company though. We're almost 3 years apart.
+1 vote
answered Apr 18, 2017 by -GEMHeart- (276,600 points)
Like I said before, I have 3 younger siblings, but as a quad, they're only a few minutes younger than me. LostLinerLegend is SUPER annoying, DoWKGuy is bossed by Liner, and AutumnGerbil is quiet...
+1 vote
answered Apr 19, 2017 by Dolphins are so cute

There is nothing good about younger siblings!!!!!!!yay

commented Apr 19, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (73,900 points)
Really!  Their fun!  If you don't have any younger siblings how is it going with no one to play with. But it is fun when they are almost your age.
+1 vote
answered Apr 19, 2017 by TylerTheDrummer (73,900 points)
BTW, this was me before I got an account.
+1 vote
answered Apr 19, 2017 by Brianna
Yes,I have younger siblings

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asked May 5, 2016 in Other by BBear
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asked 5 days ago in Other by Tasneem (1,620 points)
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