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How many of you have come out to the real world?

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asked Jan 2 in LGBTQIA Club by Lesbian Wolf Furry (2,770 points)
Has anyone come out of the closet other than online? If so, how did you do it? For me, my school knows, pretty much all of the kids at my school know, but my family still thinks I'm straight as a ruler.

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answered Jan 2 by jellyfishlover (22,800 points)
selected Jan 3 by Lesbian Wolf Furry
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I have come out to like, all of my friends, I mean, there was that boy who accidentally got into my sorta girlfriend's diary (me and this girl have crushes on each other, we're not really together but we act like it. She is bisexual and I am queer). Anyway, I have come out to my parents, they accepted but it still felt awkward when I talked to my mom about changing my sexuality to questioning (I had originally labeled myself bi, then I went to questioning because I was confused, but in the end I feel better labeling myself queer). I suggest asking your mom if she would support you if you were LGBTQ+, (that's what I did) and then telling your parents. If they already know, and are just acting like you're straight, just tell them: "I know you guys still think I'm straight, but the truth is, I am lesbian, and you are just going to hafta learn to accept it." Hope I helped!
commented Jan 3 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (2,770 points)
Here is the thing, I tried to tell my mom before, she said she would accept it, my mom does not discriminate LGBTQ, she even has a couple of friends who are part of it. She didn't believe me and told me not to call myself that. I have not tried my dad or my brother for a reason. Just in the past couple of weeks-

TV- *gay person*

My dad & bro- That's disgusting.


My dad- Snapchat is gay.

Me- How is it gay?

My dad- Cause it's not right.


My bro- *posts a picture of his hair on FB*

My dad- *calls him a cuss word meaning gay* *gets blocked from the site for 24 hours*

My dad later- I don't get why the gays get to promote LGBTQ so much but you say one word against the *beep*s...


Yeah. not telling their homophobic little- well anyway, yeah.
commented Jan 3 by jellyfishlover (22,800 points)
Oh. Mmm. I totally understand, their homophobes. Well try to talk to your mom about how you feel, hopefully this helps!
commented Feb 13 by toad aka star (324,440 points)
ngl him calling Snapchat "not right" is kind of true...NOT JUSTIFYING HIS ACTIONS- but that's a pretty modern dad joke there lol
commented Feb 14 by jellyfishlover (22,800 points)
Ha, ha!! Yeah, lol! Have you tried to talk to your mom again?
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answered Jan 2 by Kitten (536,190 points)
Obviously I have not come out because I am NOT on the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

I do know a lot of people who came out, though.

My dad's best friend is gay

My mom's friend is lesbian

My dad's other friend is gay

My dad's co-worker is Gender neutral.

My dad's other co-worker is Bisexual.

I know a lot of other people. I will not use their names and respect their privacy.
commented Jan 3 by Lesbian Wolf Furry (2,770 points)
Cool. For people I know who have come out, most of my friends are bi, one is pan, one is straight, and one is still figuring it out but has had a gf and a current bf and one of my mom's friends is transgender.

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