what are games that allow the charater that is in the game control itself like virtual village

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asked May 31, 2016 in Games / Toys by anonymous

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answered Jun 5, 2016 by GymnastPower (34,640 points)
Hi! GAC (Girls advice Column) here, and we found some games:

~Virtual Families (Free) [App Store and Windows Store]

~****Sims 4 {Get parents permission First!} [Gamestop,Walmart,Best Buy, Target,]

Similar city building game:

~Sims City (Free) [IOS App Store *Price May Vary for Mac App Store]

My Town 2, Getaways (App Store)

Godus (App Store)

-Hope this helps!

(~ means you can play offline!)
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answered Nov 1, 2016 by L
Some village games are My Singing Monsters and the Ice Age themed one.

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