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For Lou's question .Sorry for taking so long!

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asked Jul 7, 2017 in Ask Vivi by Vanilla Bean (85,390 points)

Hiya Lou-Lou!!!!

Sounds like your in a bit of a mishap.but don't worry ! These feelings are really confusing,but you can straighten them up.
First,take a deep breath and think about what you really think you feel about him.Do you like him for his looks or personality?
  Just know that you don't need to go on diets or put on loads of makeup just for you! And if he doesn't like you for who you are,then you should forget him!
    So,these feelings are part of growing up and everyone has them.really hopes this helps! Thanks ! Bye for now.
- Yours truly,

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asked Dec 15, 2016 in Ask ✨22CutePandiL☺U✨ by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,560 points)
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I am sorry but I have to take this down! I can't handle a story and an advice animal column (which I hope will be popular.)! Thank you for understanding!

asked Jul 23, 2016 in Other by FancyRatLover
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Here are some test taking tips to help you get better scores. Do easy problems first, even if it means doing the last question at the start. If you run out of time ... prepared and study hard. See my advice on How to Do Well in School for more info.

asked Apr 13, 2016 in Ask Whizkid by whizkid (65,230 points)

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