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Top 10 Dinosaurs More Lethal Than T-Rex

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When most of us think about the biggest and meanest of the dinosaurs – we think about the tyrannosaurus-rex. Join me as we look at the 10 dinosaurs that were just as lethal as the T rex.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Dinosaurs More Lethal Than The T-Rex! Majungasaurus - Chances are you haven’t heard of the Majungasaurus, but that’s about to change! Majungasaurus’s were short and stocky in build, and actually shared the T-Rex’s most laughable attribute – the puny forearms. Triceratops - You might not have expected to find a type of herbivorous dinosaur in this list, but you’d be wrong! Mapusaurus - This was one of the giants of the Cretaceous period, with adults growing up to 40 feet in length and weighing in at around 3 tons. Albertosaurus - Whilst Albertosaurus might not be as well known as the T-Rex, it actually has many more surviving fossil specimens.

Allosaurus - This was a carnivorous species of dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic period, as opposed to the Cretaceous period dominated by the T-Rex. Carnotaurus - The name Carnotaurus means “meat-eating bull”, and when you take a look at the artist rendering of this dinosaur, it becomes pretty clear why it was so named. Giganotosaurus - Both Giganotosaurus and T-Rex lived in the Cretaceous period but at totally different times, with the former preceding T-Rex by 30 million years.
Carcharodontosaurus - This dinosaur was named after the great white shark due to its terrifying array of teeth. Siats Meekorum - This type of carnivorous dinosaur lived in modern North America during the Late Cretaceous period. Before we get to number one on our list, here are a few special mentions. While not as giant in size, Oviraptors were certainly lethal to T-Rex as they liked to chow down on Tyrannosaur eggs stolen from the nest. Other fearsome enemies were Dakotaraptors which grew up to 18 feet long and were equipped with a sickle-like claw, which evidence has shown made them large enough to compete for food sources with, and even kill, juvenile T-Rex. Spinosaurus - Let’s get the facts on the table: Spinosauruswere the largest predatory dinosaur known to roam earth.

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