Is pink a girl colour?

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asked Sep 25, 2020 in Shower Thoughts by #LOL queen
so is it a girl colour. I am asking this cause my mom bought my brother a pink t-shirt and he doesn't want to wear it he says that's a girl colour he is younger than me so why don't I know the answer it's really confusing.. and plus I've never seen a boy wear a pink cloth. shoes or even a hat
commented Feb 18 by StarLight

Have you seen PINKALICOUS AND PETERRIFIC? Peter's favorite color is pink. So, I don't really know. wondering

4 Answers

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answered Feb 18 by anonymous
It is not a girl color any body can wear it! I have a friend boy that wears pink all the time its even his favorite color!
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answered Feb 18 by yeeter
no it is not i am a boy and i like colors that would be classified as "girls colors" like pink and purple and i dye my hair and the next colors i want to dye  are hot and i mean hot like brightest pink and purple but that might just be me  so in my opinion a color should be gender free for people to like or dislike the color
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answered Feb 18 by AbbyDaTigerGirl

It's a color for everyone! I personally think that colors shouldn't have genders!in_lovein_love

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answered Sep 25, 2020 by Lemony The Bean 2Lazy2Login
NO!!!! I''m sorry, this question just makes me really mad, because colors don't have a gender. One boy in my grade, his favorite color used to be hot pink! My favorite color used to be blue, and I used to HATE pink! We all have our favorite colors, but no gender has a color, except in the hospital where they give a pink or blue band for a boy or girl, or a gender reveal. So yes, pink technically has a girl association, but NO, it's NOT a "girl color" any more than blue or green are boy colors. Which means no.
commented Sep 25, 2020 by #LOL queen
woah I didn't mean to get people mad! HUH! guess this is a bad thing to post yeah. SORRY! and by the way I hate pink too but I've never heard of colours being genders after I saw this answer I asked my brother why does he think that. he said cause he weared a pink t-shirt a week ago and kids laughed at him so he started to think that. sorry if I {mad} u mad #lol
commented Sep 26, 2020 by Lemony The Bean (123,010 points)
I didn’t mean mad, sorry !! ^^’ it’s just gets me passionate is a better word because some of my friends are non binary and like pink

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