Do grades matter?

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asked May 2, 2015 in Personal by GymnastPower (38,500 points)

Do grades matter? Share your opinion, but don't start a fight.

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answered May 10, 2015 by GymnastPower (38,500 points)

Good, no fights started. I don't think they really do. They don't define who you are, and if they follow you for life... You could have the best Husband ever, but they made all D's. But that Husband could be an amazing dad, have a good job, kind, Smart, and nice. School doesn't make you smarter. You can learn anything from your parents, your pets, just anything or one! Its more important to learn LIFE LESSONS.

commented Aug 14, 2015 by Wizard of Wordplay

You are in deep need of assistance of your teachers/administrators. If you were, to convert, academically ceasing to pass your grade level, and let's convert as if there were no teachers/administrators to assist you during this 'academic downfall'. Then, without their assistance, you will remain in that certain grade level, and have an extremely low chance of employment at a decent job, and another extremely low chance of becoming accepted at a decent college. You see, Academic improvement DOES take a toll on your future, and I hope you do not cease to comprehend that once again, Maya D.

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answered May 5, 2015 by zippy (22,520 points)
There are a lot of very successful people that dropped out of college, such as Bill Gates (Microsoft founder), Steve Jobs (Apple founder), and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder).

For these people grades did not matter one bit, but they were incredibly talented and also had good timing/luck. Getting good grades in my opinion is like a nice safety net, just in case you don't make it big on your own. Good grades will get you into a better school which can lead to a better job and life. If you are not lucky enough to start the next Facebook and don't have good grades, you could just wind up on unemployment or having to work at a low paying job with limited opportunity for advancement.
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answered May 5, 2015 by SnoWolfPretzelz

Yes they matter! They give your peers and teachers/administrators an impression of you. They may think you`re "troubled" if you make poor grades; and vice-versa. If you don`t make good grades, you can`t go t college and have a good life. Studying is a good way to keep your grades high.

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