Prince Oscar and the Portal to Elsewhere Part Three

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When Prince Oscar returned home that day, he saw a small black creature with one red eye and one purple eye!

"A guffer! I knew they were stealing our food and cows!," said Prince Oscar.

"You are correct. See, not a soul believes in us or any other Elsewhere creature anymore. So, we decided to get revenge by stealing your food and cows. But that is just the warmup. When we have decided we have brought enough cows and food from The Other Realm (which is your realm), we and all of the other creatures from Elsewhere will start a war between you. If you win the war, we have made an agreement on giving you twenty pounds of Dort berries and never leaving Elsewhere via The Portal Tree again. But if we win the war, we have decided to your forest our new breeding ground and you will have no choice but to believe in us until the end of time! Mwah ha ha ha!," said the guffer.

"What is your name?," said Prince Oscar.

"Guffers do not have names. They are each assigned a unique sign that represent them. My sign looks like this.," said the guffer. He drew a cross inside of a circle inside of a square.

"So what should I call you?," said Prince Oscar.

"Call me Guide because I will be your guide.," said Guide.

"Okay. So, Guide, how do I get to Elsewhere?," said Prince Oscar.

"Just hop into this light green portal.," said Guide.

Prince Oscar and Guide hopped into the portal and were transported to Elsewhere.

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